Wrox Tries
to Take Down This Site

Jane Doe couldn't get into her ISP all day on Friday, October 1, 1999, while her ISP support line kept recongifuring her set-up. Support finally checked her user name and password and found that someone turned her in on spamming complaints. Jane got the site back up late Friday, but it was down again on October 3, as was her access to her email and the Internet Zone.

Jane denied that she's been spamming, explaining that she is in a dispute with her ex-bosses and that since they turned her into the police and State's Attorney for telephone harassment, that she has not called, emailed or otherwise contacted Wrox. She asks for documentation on who reported her and when -- for now who is harassing whom? Jane received a call back from the VP of her ISP on October 1 that Wrox had been complaining to them about her emailing and web site, but that they will not take it down nor block her account.

Jane received a clarification from her ISP again that they will not take down her site, and that Wrox requested it. Bullies never stop being bullies. Control freaks, used to controlling all, get this message once and for all ... Jane's not your wage slave anymore. Then, October 3, her site was taken down again, but briefly. After clarification, she was told by her ISP that she has access unless they're served with a court order.

"There is such a thing as freedom of speech in this country. We're headed to the courts because of your insistence. I did all I could do and more to avoid this for your sake as well as mine, yours even more than mine. From now on, you want something from me, like my web site down, take it to the courts. Your battlefield of choice, remember that. The battlefield of wusses, what else could you do? Can't expect men who aren't men to act like men. Silly me. And how did you say you liked the taste of my department?" - Jane Doe.

No Justice No Peace




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