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Wrox Frauds and Criminals Prosecute
the Little Guy to Cover Up Their Own Crimes. What's New?

RAILROADED for DEMANDING MY RIGHTS (the expected "just us" from the courts, thanks courts, I needed the material) and DUMB & DUMBER DO IT AGAIN!!!

Now they commit perjury. What they won't do for a buck, ego and control. Meanwhile these worms call themselves "whole men and women" while those of us making them their dough are the little people. In their own eyes, they're giants for sure. These giants cannot look me in the eye, one wonders how they'll look their proclaimed savior in the eye. - Jane

Next Trial Date: Will be in the Civil Courts
Watch This Space 





Ongoing: MOTIONS, MOTIONS AND MORE MOTIONS In Preparation for Pre-Trial Hearings or Jane Strikes Back (What a Surprise!)

"You Gave Them Motion Sickness," Ron, Friend of Jane.

"And Now They're Punishing Me for It," Jane.

Jane Doe's 47 Pro Se Pre Trial Motions, and Amendments and Notices

Wrox Charges Jane Doe Rather Than Pay Up

Wrox Prosecutes Jane Doe, September 21, 1999

Reports On Preliminary Hearings and Prosecutor Set-ups

  1. Arraignment in the Justice Factory, October 28, 1999
  2. Jane Doe's Told She Has a Compulsory Right to Witness Addresses, November 18, 1999
  3. The State Goes on Leave, January 27, 2000
  4. Delayed Motion to Demand Trial Hearing Gets Delayed Again, February 10, 2000
  5. Finally, A New Hearing to Demand Trial Hearing Where Jane Doe's Treated to a New Authority Abuse Charge from Wrox, February 17, 2000
  6. Jane's There for a Hearing, But They Say They Weren't Served, February 24, 2000
  7. Another Mad Dog Attack from Nowhere Lands Jane in Jail for 2 Days--They Just Can't Control Themselves, March 2, 2000 
  8. Seems to Be, Pay Up Time! March 9, 2000
  9. No Settlement, Just Us as Usual, March 16, 2000
  10. Where's the Judge and How Dare We Expect Fairness in This System Designed to Railroad, March 23, 2000
  11. The Judge Sits in Stony Silence When I Request Witness Addresses and he Claims Impartiality? April 6 2000
  12. Per forma, railroaded and severely punished at first trial, not allowed witnesses nor evidence. Report won't be posted until after all the legal b.s. Wrox asked for it, they got it: Field Days for lawyers. I'll say this much, Wrox' liabilities against me have grown exponentially. Watch this space to learn how Dumb & Dumber did it again -- committed perjury to stem their liability or so they think!! - Jane.



Press Releases

Find the Real Criminal in This Wrongful Termination

Labeled Disgruntled, Jane Proclaims Outrage, and Where's the Paper, February 8, 2000

Subpoena Attack, May 8, 2000

These Superpredators are Hunting Us, May 8,2000



Some Messages of Support
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