Prosecutes Jane Doe

The state will be prosecuting Jane Doe on criminal harassment charges brought by Adam Maclean and Amy Greenman on October 28, 1999. More details as they become available. Well, availability is here. The charge is a misdemeanor, but no level of misdemeanor (near as Jane can tell, high, gross or petite).

Jane Doe was criminally and wrongfully terminated from Wrox on June 23, 1999. On September 24, 1999, Jane Doe was notified that a criminal prosecution was in the works for her when she talked with Warrant Officers and Police Detectives. Jane was in front of a Warrant Officer to seek an arrest against Amy Greenman for assault. Jane's request was denied. Jane was in front of a Police Detective because he had been leaving telephone messages with her to call him. Adam Maclean and Amy Greenman had pressed criminal telephone harassment charges against Jane Doe, among other things.

Jane sent out tons of correspondence to Wrox bosses and employees from June 24, 1999 through September 24, 1999. Additionally, Jane Doe made many telephone calls to Wrox bosses and to Wrox employees during these same dates, leaving messages on their voice mail about her intents to seek a settlement out of court. A couple of times, she personally dropped by Wrox offices with deliveries of zines, protest posters and a Get Well balloon. She hopes Wrox bosses shortly recover from their depravity, lust for more addiction and rulership special privileges diseases. She expects they will also attempt to prosecute her for these visits.

"The pen remains my sword. The truth remains my shield. I was defrauded once by white collar criminals. I will not be defrauded twice. Give me back what you stole and then some, or kill me, because I will defend what is mine to the death. There are laws and there is justice. In a corrupt state, laws do not equal justice. Your jail cells won't stop my quest for justice against you.

"Here is a Brit, on American soil, stealing from American workers and running to American lawyers, judges and police to hide from one of the victims he defrauded.

"The case will open with something like "The People vs. Jane Doe." However, it's not the people vs. Jane Doe. It's the Rulership Class vs. Jane Doe. If it was a case being brought by The People, then the Macleans would be the defendants, not me.

"Now I am back dealing with this netherworld INjustice system that I despise ... however, I'll go to hell and back to get from these exploiting capitalist pig bastards what I earned and deserve.

"I never expected to meet anyone more slippery than lawyers ... but these British businessmen qualify! That's one thing about life. It is always filled with surprises!"

- Jane Doe

No Justice No Peace




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