Wrox Wants to Be in Control,

As Usual!

Wrox has gone to my ISP to have me remove their unpublished email addresses from this site. My ISP has NOT demanded that I do this. However, I am removing these names out of respect to my ISP, who has stood up to Wrox' bullying demands to take down my site. The Maclean's like to sneak up from behind and then attack with force, and it's not fair to make my ISP a target of such KKKreeps.

I would check with Wrox to see if they are happier now, but I'm not allowed to contact them. However, Wrox, you are allowed to contact me, so please do if you have a problem here, and leave my ISP out of this. The world doesn't revolve around Wrox, my ISP's in business just like yourselves. (Unlike your business, though, my ISP is run by a man.) If you want me to remove something, just ask me nicely -- or not nicely, I don't care, just as long as you quote the legal statute. Then I'll be only too happy to comply, imperialists! You are not still trying to be the boss of me, are you? - Jane

No Justice No Peace




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