Assaults Jane Doe

Jane Doe was protesting on the streets in front of Wrox offices. This is perfectly legal according to the police detectives that Wrox had gone to, whining about telephone harassment from Jane Doe. Poor little thieves. They can steal, but can't take it when somebody stands up to them. Probably NEVER happened to them before in their spoiled brat richie rich lives.

Amy Greenman, the bride awarded with the Wrox Department that Jane Doe built, grabbed Jane's protest sign, swung it at her and ran for protection to building security men. Adam's found his soulmate for sure! Steal, then hide behind security.

When you defraud a worker of her already earned commissions at the time of firing her, among other things, this is a wrongful termination. Do you get that yet, Wrox?

Too bad you refused to listen to reason about out-of-court settlements. The ball has been sent rolling on a lawsuit now and there's no stopping it. Whether Wrox wins or loses, Wrox loses. Jane has no business to be interrupted for 4 to 8 years, no employees to subpoena, no corporate lawyers to pay and is not at risk of losing millions and/or more.

"I know the horrors of civil suits for defendant and plaintiff alike. Anyone who agrees to go through this hell through arrogance or ignorance deserves tremendous grief ... and to LOSE." - Jane Doe

No Justice No Peace




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