National Turn Yourself In Day.

Just Do Time.


Be a Real Patriot! Don't Just Give 'Em Half Your Money, Give 'Em You!

Sample Letter to Legislator:


Dear Legislator,

Yes!! I support designating April 15th as the National Turn Yourself In Day.

I realize that the Prison-Industrial Complex is the fastest growing industry in the country, and as a loyal Patriot, I wish to do my part. Where would our great country be without slave labor, after all?

Why should the prison-industrial system be supporting itself on the back of only 6 million citizens and X number of illegal immigrants? I'm tired of my legislators being soft on all those jury and jail dodging slackers. There must be over 280 million of us by now! We must ALL do our part. Someone has to pay for all those non-patriots that those no good commie, Anti-American, soft on crime public defenders manage to get off. Please, let it be me! I'm against so many children and elderly getting out of prison duty, too. They are U.S.A. citizens, just like the rest of us. Haven't we overlooked something? Labor laws for children don't apply to CRIMINAL children. Immigrants? Their first duty must be 10 years if they seriously want to become citizens of this great land.

What were those numbers? 3 in every 100 adults? That's 1 in 33, ain't it? But that's general population. What were the blacks' numbers? Oh, this makes me tired. Numbers, every where you go, numbers. Speaking for themselves. Ain't that right, Imperialist Capitalist Pig Bosses?

Pass this bill! Do your part. That's why we vote.

And yes, I want participation in this National Day to be MANDATORY for any one who is: poor, homeless, indigenous, black, brown, red, olive, yellow, mixta, mentally ill or just a little disturbed, gypsy, poor to lower-middle-class white, anarchist, communist, socialist, undocumented, rabble-rousing, druggie, hippie, yippie or otherwise dippie.


John Q. Citizen




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