Letter of Support Needed to help free Benito Alonzo #256174



We are asking for letters of support because Benito is old and trying to recover from prostate cancer. We do not believe that the aging, diseased, rehabilitated people should continue to live out the rest of their lives at the whimsical hands of the guards. Prison life grows harder with age because the aging prisoner is expected to work and do duties equal to the younger prisoner.

Background Information:

Benito Alonzo is almost 65 years old and is incarcerated for life at the McConnell Unit in Beeville, Texas. He was convicted in 1974 for the offense of introducing a deadly weapon into a penal institution with the intent to facilitate an escape. He had been the outside supplier of two guns for four escaping.

He has suffered through substandard prostate cancer surgery. After 25 years in prison (14 years of the 25 being in 23-hour lockdown), Benito is up for parole in February 2000 and has a loving family who will do anything to help him if he were to be released.

Even though it is February already, we do not know his exact hearing date. Please send your letter of support for parole immediately but because of the long decision making process letters after February will not be too late.

For more information please write to Benito Alonzo #256174 / McConnell Unit (12CB2-24) / 3001 S. Emily Dr. / Beeville, TX 78102

Or contact Barbara at bdyingswan@aol.com

Please send copy of letter to:

SDDC / POBox 368 / Carrollton, GA 30117

Sample Letter follows:

Board of Pardons and Parole Division
Ms. Mary Leal
1212 N. Velasco
Suite 201
Angelton, TX 77515

Dear Ms. Leal:

Please consider Benito Alonzo #256174 for parole in February 2000. I do not believe that we should continue to incarcerate the aging, diseased, rehabiltitated people until their death. I understand that he committed a crime many years ago but I also understand that he is fortunate enough to have a very loving and supportive family who will do anything to help him make a successful adjustment to outside life. It is time for him to be returned to his loving family. I believe at age 65 he is no longer a threat to our society and will begin to live a productive life in his community.

I urge you to grant his parole and thank you very much for your consideration.






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