Hey Jane,
    Cool...we're with you.    Do not submit to
a corrupt police-state.  Their tactics are the
tactics of ignorance and greed.   Our tactics
are those of knowledge and equity.  Those
who dwell in the "self-forged manacles" of
submission get their own rewards......we
choose a higher road.

                       See you soon,

                         David and George



My dear plucky, gutsy friend G,

There are many reasons to love you, but one obvious one is your passion for justice; another is your courage -- just plain guts to stand by what you believe ... if they try to put you in jail, I'll come out there and personally pull the bars off. ... I got the Presidential medal of Freedom ...

-- This from a well known politician from the old statesmen school, and one of the rare few I can call a friend. Am now seeking permission to give his name. He'll likely give it, I'll likely still keep his name anonymous, after all he IS a friend!!





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