& Active Path, Too!

People and Businesses That Should Know All About Wrox
(and They'll Tell 2 People, and They'll Tell
2 People and So On and So On.)

"I built Wrox a business unit BIGGER than their existing business when I walked in the door. Alone. Practically single-handedly. The minute the owners saw its profits, they grabbed it. All contracts and agreements were abandoned as if they never existed. Good faith? Forget about it. Not with these dollar signs. At my wrongful termination, where I was defrauded of my ALREADY EARNED COMMISSIONS, Adam Maclean told me that I was bad for business. And he called me a megalomaniac for wanting to retain leadership over what I built with my blood and sweat, heart and tears. Now, I'm just trying to live up to my reputation on both counts. Help me get the word out on these depraved bastards -- let them see what the "little people" workers can do. Yes, they actually call us the "little people". SMASH Wrox and Active Path, Too!" - Jane


The Competition (somecontact info, more on the way)

Computer Magazines (contact info coming)

The Giant Bookseller Chains (contact info coming)

Microsoft (contact info coming)

Students, Professors, Instructors, Trainers

Wrox Expert Stores

Wrox International Distributors 




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