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The History of Labor in the Industrial Age Has Been an Ugly One. The more things stay the same, the less they change.

From Murdered Miners to Shiny Dimes. One chapter of the history of early-century industrial conflicts involved John D. Rockefeller, the first tycoon of the age of energy and the creator of the Standard Oil complex of corporations. Rockefeller controlled the Colorado Fuel & Iron Corporation, whose coal miners went on strike in 1914. With their families, they were promptly evicted from company-owned homes in Ludlow, Colo. They moved into a cluster of tents, around which National Guard soldiers took positions and at night occasionally fired their rifles into the colony. To protect the children, the miners dug a cave under the largest tent. But on Easter night 1914, company-hired gunmen and some of the National Guard poured oil over the strikers' tents and set them on fire.

As the frantic miners and their families ran for safety in the night, they were machine-gunned. Some escaped, some were wounded and 13 children and a pregnant woman in the recently dug cave all died -- some with gun wounds, some from suffocation. The nationwide protests against the killings on Rockefeller property were immediate and long sustained. Eventually, it led Rockefeller, the nation's first billionaire, to hire Ivy Lee, an early public relations man, to repair John D.'s sullied reputation. Even as an old man, Rockefeller continued to hand out shiny new dimes to little children in the effort to erase the Ludlow image--but among the miners and workers in many other unions, the memory of Ludlow persists like an endless bad dream.

From IWW: www.unionweb.org


Wrox Press Fires a Spectacular Worker, Jane Doe. The new Academic Department that Jane founded and built Wrox and Active Path began making so much money that the business owners decided to fire Jane so that they could run the Department themselves. During the building phase, Jane was left alone to do or die. To do, she had to fight the bosses for every gain.

The story's a bit uglier than that. One of the owners just met a woman and was getting married. All of them decided her wedding gift should be Jane's Department. The bride happens to be a bigger power tripper than even the bosses. A Leona Helmsley type, without the smarts. Jane calls her the Idiot Bride. What she lacks in smarts, she makes up for in tyrannical tendencies.

However, Jane doesn't blame her, but the bosses. Jane fought the whole Hostile Takeover idea, naturally. She didn't like getting fired, but understood that all the talk of democracy and ownership had been lies. What Jane won't stand for is being criminally offered The Equivalent of a Shiny Dime for her multi-million (soon to be multi-billion) dollars in new sales for Wrox and Active Path. Sales that Wrox would not be making today except for her efforts.

Wrox refuses all of Jane's activist attempts at procuring a fair severance, so far. Jane, an activist for close to 20 years around the issue of racism in the Criminal Courts among other things, prefers an authentic fight to an institutionalized one of lawyers, judges and courts, but will of course not leave even that stone of snakes unturned.




Wrox Business Owners. Ian Maclean, David Maclean, Adam Maclean and their mates. Adam and David (sons of Ian) alone own Active Path. They refer to their own father as Hitler. Not that they're any better.

Active Path is a spin off Wrox company, though Wrox prefers consumers don't know this. Another example of the "openness" Wrox brags about.

Wrox Is a UK-based Business and the Macleans are British. So Jane calls them the Three UK Stooges: Larryian, Damoe and Curlyad. Their mates she named after cows: Bessie, mate of Larryian; Rossie, mate of Damoe and Bossie, mate of Curlyad. Bossie's the Idiot Bride and Curlyad was Jane's immediate boss.

The Three UK Stooges naturally

know every exploitation trick in the book. Their worker pool is mostly the young and easily exploitable, college grads and single moms.

White Collar Workers aren't typically unionized and no other Wrox workers stood up to the firing, including those who had urged Jane to fight. Nothing new or surprising in this. Most people are like scared rabbits or slave dogs when it comes to their job security -- just the types preferred by nazi bosses. White collar workers hold deeply to the fraudulent dream of climbing the corporate ladder. Jane holds no grudges because she would have fought anyway, no urging was required.

Still white collar workers greatly harm the cause of labor towards ownership of industry. Things are slowly (too slowly) changing even here as people realize their lives are worth more than a paltry sum paycheck and a 401K plan.

An Interview with Jane Doe on her Ugly Labor Story

Questions posed by various friends in the course of Wrox Severance Wars.

q. Are you comparing your experience to the murdered miners?

a. No, I'm not saying that. I'm just saying that bosses' attitudes towards workers have not changed over the years. Wrox officers would love to kill me, literally, sure. They'll have to get in line though behind lots of lawyers and judges! Fighting Judicial Brutality is my REAL struggle, through Just Cause for Legal Revolution. Wrox Severance Wars is just a pesty diversion for me. Of course, Wrox thinks it's just me being a pest to them! Their usual arrogance.

q. Since it's pesty for you, why fight?

a. Because it's important, too. It's the Same War, Different Battle.

Let them feel the power of one. Sure, the power of many would be better, but it always starts with one or a few and then builds.

They've already adopted the siege mentality, just from my efforts and a few other activist compañeros. And we have not even begun!

White Collar bosses are used to launching attacks and wars with no one fighting back.

Someone fights back, even through legal methods of protest and boycott like I do (as opposed to going "postal"), they try to reduce him to a cliche, "disgruntled ex-employee". The bosses are the cliches. I am not disgruntled. That's way too weak a description for what I am. I am Outraged and I Am Righteous and I Am on the Warpath and My Pen Is My Sword and the Truth Is My Shield. My activism will not end until I receive Fair Value for what I built Wrox. Shiny Dime has been twice offered and twice refused. For once, they exploited the wrong person.


Copy of actual severance check with Employee name changed.
The accountant forgot to sign the check -- an effect of Jane's activism?



q. Still, doesn't it seem futile to you? How can you even expect to win without getting a lawyer?

a. The bosses would far prefer I just get a lawyer, even though this will cost them more in the end. How sanitized, removed and institutionalized! I fight back myself because it is the only just and Authentic Thing to Do. You only lose if you do not fight. If I had just gone on my way or removed it to the courts, everyone would soon forget who built Wrox its Academic Department and would begin to think that the owners did it. They did not to do it, though they jumped in to take the credit and glory when it showed its profits. This I will not stand for. They stole the fruits of my labor, my Department and all its current and future profits. They will NOT steal the credit. I had to fight them too hard to build them this Department. This

Department that is now making them money as fast as a printing press. Had it not been successful, I would have been fired from the company and the failure would have been my fault. As a success, the only choice I had was to fight for my Department or to meekly bow to their takeover. The Department only got built because I am a fighter, so Bowing to Their Takeover Was Not Even a Possibility. Should I get a lawyer, he'll be fighting, not me. And his job is not what's True and Right, but what's expedient. I prefer to fight my own battles and will do so for as long as it feels right. I plan to win a fair severance without a lawyer. If I cannot, I'll bring one in. I've had several referred to me and they want it -- after all, it's a deep pocket case. They don't care one bit that I hate lawyers, not when they see the dollar signs this case represents.


q. How do you stay motivated?

a. The Academic Department I built Wrox is bigger than the business they had when I began working there, their Trade business. Academic's potential is unlimited, huge, Vast. For building it, I never got a thank you, much less a raise or a bonus. Not ever even the smallest token of appreciation. Just an obscene power grab when it was obvious they could not take over my Department with me still in it.

Just thinking of these things motivates me. I fought to defend my Department when

my job was at risk. I'm hardly going to walk away now! I am far stronger against these grotesquely obscene bosses now that the master/slave relationship has been severed -- by their own hand.

Losing the Department that I created and developed for them is a death. They Told Me I Had Ownership. And Indians were told they had land. Though I am neither naive nor surprised, it still hurt. It was like an amputation of a part of me. To this day it gives me nightmares, and I can only manage the loss by fighting these unconscionable thieving bastards.


q. What has been Wrox' response to your activism and fighting?

a. Their tactic is to try to make me think that they are ignoring me. But through my experience, knowledge and wisdom I know that I am having a profound effect on them. The Three UK Stooges don't know what to do now because No One Has Ever Stood Up to Them Before. I know their type, have dealt with it many times before. They rape, plunder and loot at will and typically get away with it. When someone finally fights back, they want to run for cover and hope it all just goes away. So of course, they'd love to have me run off the road or gunned down.

They are the types that would do anything for money and bosshood. A Worker Who Fights Is a Danger to their ruling class way of life. They're so greedy for money and boss-ship that they are blinded. They can't see how sharing with their workers -- not just profits but decision-making power too -- would make them even more profits due to unstoppable motivation of the workers. When a worker sees how much money he's making the company, how little control he has over anything though he lives and breathes his job, how little he's getting back, how often the bosses humiliate him and treat him like a child and a sweatshop worker, he knows he's a wage slave. Then all you have is resentment.


q. Why aren't you afraid they'll hire someone to do just that, whack you?

a. The Day I Refused to Roll Over for Wrox, coincidentally the day of my firing, I notified law enforcement AND human rights groups that I was fighting for a fair severance offer and feared for my safety.

I have been a warrior for many years, and Prefer to Die Standing on My Feet to Living on My Knees.

q. I assume Wrox was surprised at your activist attacks against them?

a. Yes, the bosses had a vague idea I'm an activist. When they decided to fire me in their power grab, that I would react like an activist is one thing that never crossed their pea brains. Shortly after my firing, I notified Wrox "Meet Jane Doe, professional activist with an international reputation and one of the best in the business. You over-stepped your boundaries with me, now pay the consequences."


q. And how do you feel about Wrox bosses and what effect you're having?

a. Their life has never and will never be the same, especially Curlyad's, my immediate boss. I warned them it would not and to deal fairly with me. Did they? Nooooooo. Now that they're crying am I supposed to feel sorry for them? Well, truthfully, I do. They can't win against me and are having trouble admitting that. Just one more measure of their complete and utter arrogance. The sooner Wrox Severance Wars ends the happier we'll all be, but to borrow from my other struggle, "No Justice, No Peace".

In their "Just Us" dealings with me, Wrox officers revealed the depths of their

arrogance, greed and depravity.

Knuckleheads with dough. Worse than that, Half-witted Greedheads, to borrow from Hunter Thompson. Not content to make obscene amounts of money, they must keep making more and more. And the more of it they make, the less they make honestly from their own labor and the more they make off the sweat of their workers.

These are the exact same kinds of half-witted greedheads that have brought this planet to where it is today. Air you can't breathe, water you can't drink, rampant poverty throughout the world. Genocide of countless communities. And an elite, rulership life for a few.


q. If it were me, I'd get me a gun and go hunting. Have you considered that?

a. Big talk. Nearly everyone says that, but then when it does happen to you, you don't really go get a gun, do you? C'mon, you have had your ugly labor experiences yourself, and you just let it go. There are the instances of people going "postal", but it's still a pretty rare phenomenon, especially when you consider What the Working Class Is Expected to Endure on a daily basis in terms of humiliations and petty tyrant abuse.

No, I won't get a gun, not because the Maclean Stooges don't deserve it. They do. But in modern society, and especially in the U.S. police and lawyer state I live in, Vengeance Belongs to the Oppressors. Were I to "get a gun", I'd pay the price with my life one way or the other and suddenly, it's the Greedheads that would be the victims.

I have no intentions of becoming a martyr for any cause, and certainly not this one just to rid the planet of a few insignificant beasts like the Three UK Stooges and their mates! When and where organized class warfare breaks out, these are the times and places to speak of guns. Smashing Wrox is a time for non-violent active resistance. My Thought Bombs are quite up to the job.

Fighting Wrox through legal activist tactics or through the courts if it comes to that means I will at least walk away with fair value for what I've earned and deserve. They may have MY Department but they will have NO peace by stealing it. I think it was Thoreau who talked of Wounds to the Conscience, in any case in Wrox Severance Wars that's my battlefield, and I know how to wield The Pen. Have Pen, Am Publishing! And the Stooges? They have no defense for their actions. None.


q. Any final thoughts?

a. A constant message to Wrox Greedheads: THAT SPACE WAS OCCUPIED!!!!

For Updates About Jane's Severance Wars with Wrox and Active Path and How You Can Help:


Workers brainwashed into siding with the bosses are incapable of the rational thought processes that leads to the knowledge that bosses and workers are enemies, always have been, always will be. That is until the outdated classist idea of an elitist level of bosses (rulers) and the common level of workers (everyone else) is finally abolished off the face of the earth. It's the workers that have to change things, bosses (tyrants) love being bosses.

To check out Wrox and Active Path: www.wrox.com; www.activepath.com.

YES! Wrox books are great -- all off the sweat, blood and tears of the workers. Sure, the officers had the initiative and the capital. But that's all. They don't write the books, edit them, print them or sell them. The bosses treat the workers who are key to their fortune like bugs. So borrow Wrox books from the libraries, buy used ones at college bookstores, try and get free ones from Wrox itself -- they give tons of books away to reviewers and computer training instructors. Perhaps you qualify!

I find it easy to portray a businessman. Being bland, cruel & incompetent comes naturally to me. - John Cleese

Eenee meenie minee moe catch a capitalist by the toe. If he hollers make him pay $500 everyday! Eenee meenie minee moe I caught a pig by the toe -- and I aint' NEVER lettin' go.- Jane Doe

They (imperialists, capitalists, colonizers) want the cage and not the bird. - Jose Lopez.

The system in capitalism is based on theft. The theft of labor, the rape of the environment, the theft of life of foreigners who challenged "our" markets. You can never talk reason into a system strung out on the lust for more -- they're beyond greedy -- they're crack addicts and their crack is money and power. - Anthony Rayson in The Rule of Law is Criminal.




To the GENERAL RELEASE Contract that Wrox wanted me to sign. Of course, I did not. It would have meant another shiny dime for me. Interesting how Curlyad refuses salesmen's requests for contracts. As he's kicking me out for being a success, he wants me to sign this quite obscene document that totally benefits Wrox and leaves me less than human. You'll know them by their actions. His are the signs of a true beast. - Jane


Following is contact information for Wrox Press, with email addresses as available off of their site at www.wrox.com. I am NOT recommending that anyone email these addressees with the intent of saying how you support protests and boycotts of Wrox and thus be guilty of SPAMMING and possibly getting yourself on the FBI's 10 most wanted list and in trouble with your ISP unless you use the library NOT to spam. Nor am I suggesting you phone or write and thus possibly be guilty of harassment. However, you might want to check with Wrox to see if you qualify as a tech reviewer or something! They're ALWAYS looking for talent and lots of us are looking for work. But don't tell 'em Jane sent ya!

Check the Spread the Word Indexlink to get names of Wrox distributors and expert stores if you ever get the urge to tell these folk giving Wrox business that you support a boycott of Wrox.

Wrox has gone to my ISP to have me remove their unpublished email addresses from this site. My ISP has NOT demanded that I do this. However, I am removing these names out of respect to my ISP, who has stood up to Wrox' bullying demands to take down my site. The Maclean's like to sneak up from behind and then attack with force, and it's not fair to make my ISP a target of such KKKreeps. Anyway, the Wrox email convention is easy enough to figure out ... not that I'm saying anyone should send them any emails and be guilty of SPAMMING!! or harassing email. We are all law obeyers here. I would check with Wrox to see if the following is more suitable to their tastes, but I'm not allowed to contact them. However, Wrox, you are allowed to contact me, so please do if you have a problem here, and leave my ISP out of this. The world doesn't revolve around you, my ISP's in business just like yourselves. (Unlike your business, though, my ISP is run by a man.) If you want me to remove something, just ask me nicely -- or not nicely, I don't care, just as long as you quote the legal statute. Then I'll be only too happy to comply, imperialists! You are still not trying to be the boss of me are you? - Jane

Wrox owners: Adam Maclean, Amy Greenman, Robert (Bob) Greenman, Dave Maclean, Rachel Maclean, Ian Maclean, Margaret Maclean

Some Wrox middle managers: Heather Godspill, Angie Doyle, John Franklin, Catherine Daemeon (unsure of spelling here).

Some Wrox wage slaves: Chris Amos, Michael Aubry, Linda Pound, Lissa Salvatierra, Steve Kindred, Aaron Lowe, Lilia Reyes, Larry Levin, Juilan Dobson, Michele Giffune, Kathyleen Brooks, Graham Butler, Mark Schooley

Some email addresses of Wrox workers as published on the Wrox site to NOT use for Spamming. The 9 Annoying Supremes may come after you if you do: robm@wrox.com, helens@wrox.com, emmaj@wrox.com, sanja@wrox.com, timb@wrox.com, lizt@wrox.com, richardc@wrox.com, gregp@wrox.com, dominicl@wrox.com, sarahb@wrox.com, peterm@wrox.com, elizabetho@wrox.com, careyn@wrox.com, support@wrox.com, webmaster@wrox.com, academic.reviews@wrox.com, business.reviews@wrox.com, feedback@wrox.com

Wrox Press Inc.
29 S. Lasalle, Suite 520
Chicago, IL 60603

312-893-8000, General

1-800-USE WROX for Wrox U.S.


312-893-8080, Adam Maclean, Greedhead Owner

312-893-8001, Fax

Wrox Ltd

Arden House

1102 Warwick Road


B27 6BH


1-800-814-3461 for Wrox U.K.

+44 (0)121 687 4101

Gosh, do NOT phone Wrox unsolicitiously, and certainly do NOT use the 800 UK number from the States!!



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