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Following is contact information for Wrox Press, with email addresses as available off of their site at I am NOT recommending that anyone email these addressees with the intent of saying how you support protests and boycotts of Wrox and thus be guilty of SPAMMING and possibly getting yourself on the FBI's 10 most wanted list and in trouble with your ISP unless you use the library NOT TO SPAM. Nor am I suggesting you phone or write and thus possibly be guilty of harassment. However, you might want to check with Wrox to see if you qualify as a tech reviewer or something! They're ALWAYS looking for talent and lots of us are looking for work. But don't tell 'em Jane sent ya!

Please visit to get the address info of Wrox distributors and expert stores (to be added here shortly) if you ever get the urge to tell these folk who are giving Wrox and ActivePath business that you support a boycott of Wrox.

Wrox has gone to my ISP to have me remove their unpublished email addresses from this site. My ISP has NOT demanded that I do this. However, I am removing these names out of respect to my ISP, who has stood up to Wrox' bullying demands to take down my site. The Maclean's like to sneak up from behind and then attack with force, and it's not fair to make my ISP a target of such KKKreeps. Anyway, the Wrox email convention is easy enough to figure out ... not that I'm saying anyone should send them any emails and be guilty of SPAMMING!! or harassing email. We are all law obeyers here. I would check with Wrox to see if the following is more suitable to their tastes, but I'm not allowed to contact them. However Wrox, you are allowed to contact me, so please do if you have a problem here, and leave my ISP out of this. The world doesn't revolve around Wrox, my ISP's in business just like yourselves. (Unlike your business, though, my ISP is run by a man.) If you want me to remove something, just ask me nicely -- or not nicely, I don't care, just as long as you quote the legal statute. Then I'll be only too happy to comply, imperialists! You are not still trying to be the boss of me, are you? - Jane

Wrox owners: Adam Maclean, Amy Greenman, Bob Greenman, Dave Maclean, Rachel Maclean, Ian Maclean, Margaret Maclean

Some Wrox middle managers: Heather Godspill, Angie Doyle, John Franklin, Catherine Daemeon (unsure of spelling here).

Some Wrox wage slaves: Chris Amos, Michael Aubry, Linda Pound, Lissa Salvatierra, Steve Kindred, Aaron Lowe, Lilia Reyes, Larry Levin, Juilan Dobson, Michele Giffune, Kathyleen Brooks, Graham Butler, Mark Schooley, Gordon Rodgers

Some email addresses of Wrox workers as published on the Wrox site to NOT use for Spamming. The 9 Annoying Supremes may come after you if you do:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Wrox Press Inc.
29 S. Lasalle, Suite 520
Chicago, IL 60603

312-893-8000, General

1-800-USE WROX for Wrox U.S.


312-893-8080, Adam Maclean, Greedhead Owner

312-893-8001, Fax

Wrox Ltd

Arden House

1102 Warwick Road


B27 6BH


1-800-814-3461 for Wrox U.K.

+44 (0)121 687 4101

Gosh, do NOT phone Wrox unsolicitiously, and certainly do NOT use the 800 UK number from the States!!



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