To our fallen comrade: John Hammar. We love you and miss you, John.

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to read about this genius/hero for Social Justice.

John Hammar was "some kind of man." An innovator, a revolutionary's revolutionary. Selfless, committed with the energy of 10 people. I used to tell him that I was glad he was on our side. I asked John to serve as my agent with Wrox, and he agreed without hesitation. John sought revolutionary social change in so many ways and on so many levels that many of us, his comrades, couldn't keep up with him. My usual style is to take one issue and concentrate on it -- that issue being Legal Revolution. John would manage now and again to get me involved in other causes, explaining to me his ladder principle of evolutionary growth. I don't stray off my course for too many people or life events, but coming to John' s aid was natural, right and impossible to resist. Most of us working to make this a better world tend to get punished for it, and John was no exception. With John, this punishment only strengthened his resolve and commitment. John, we love you and miss you! Hasta siempre. - Jane.




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