A compañero of Jane's in prison support work informed a mutual penned-pals, Ali, of her battles, against Wrox. Ali immediately jumped into help and enlisted the aid of his network that consists of politically conscious prisoners of class war, among others.


Below is one of the letters Adam Maclean received. There are many like it, but this prisoner's wording is so special, I chose to feature his here.


We who do prisoner support work are usually working to make insiders' conditions better, help them win appeals, tear the whole damned thing down, etc. I am thrilled to see prisoners taking action to get needed change on the outside. - Jane





Mr. Maclean,

I have heard of the success of Wrox Press and the contribution that this success has given the greater Chicago area. We must ACKNOWLEDGE SUCCESS!

However, I am terribly distraught at the treatment you have personally shown towards "our" innovator Jane Doe. It was her hard work and relentless pursuit to success that allows you to smile the "success smile" and grin the "profit grin". Her reward? One would assume promotion or maybe partnership but never the termination of her job. Your acts of treason and betrayal towards Jane epitomizes the long arm and extended claws of suppression the greed of Capitalism and its supporters produces. What is even more haunting is the fact that you have refused to give Jane a severance settlement of the moneys you have received due to her hard work. This speaks volumes of your mentality towards labor. It equals nothing short of the mentality which resulted in the acts of slavery that your Capitalist forefathers perpetuated against the World and its laborers.

Jane will be heard by the World because the World is fed up with the bureaucracy of corporate Amerika. The World will support Jane's right to a fair severance settlement because the World is replete with workers who are victimized daily by unjust emoluments for their labor. The World will support boycotts and protest to your sweatshops and slave plantations you have inappropriately and misleading labeled an Incorporation. Although my voice is small and possibly faint, I offer it nonetheless to Jane and others who fight Imperialism and Capitalism. Your ears however will be deafened by the roar of the PEOPLE in pursuit of JUSTICE for Jane Doe.


Jahaun O. McKinley
" #217058

PO Box 5000

Carson City Correctional Faciliity

Carson City MI 48811-5000


And this from Jahaun from another letter of his to Jane Doe:

Capitalism and neo-colonialism has not only invaded and conquered most of the world's land and controlled most of the world's economic systems but it has also invaded and colonized most of the world's minds and controlled most of the world's actions. Che Guevara, George Jackson, Angela Davis, Assata Shakur and the spirits they possessed has been omitted form the genetic structure of the mind, body and soul of most people in this society. The survivalist mentality has been replaced with the materialistic reformist mentality. Upon reading the not so distant histories of successful revolutionary societies such as China, Cuba, Russia and the Congo in many of these materialistic reformist minds it becomes no different than a Stephen King novel. TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE AND SCARY! Life without money and comfort has barred many from challenging injustice. Consciousness has forced "us" to re-open pages of history. Not in a futile attempt to establish a foundation upon its theory but to utilize those experiences towards the destruction of the foundation responsible for the colonized mind many of our people suffer from.





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