"Like the Goddess of the Hunt, in Full Cry"

May 8, 2000. Chicago. "Like the Goddess of the Hunt, in full cry." This is a quote made by Joseph K., as played by Anthony Perkins in Orson Welle's genius version of another genius' (Kafka) story: The Trial. Genius meets genius and the effect is not additive, but exponential, and you see that clearly when you watch Welles' movie.

Hunting humans and/or their possessions. This is what our justice system is really about -- one group of people at the top of the human food chain hunting all others.

Those at the bottom, the weakest and most dispossessed of us, get it in the criminal courts. Go into the criminal courts and the jails, see who's there and there by the millions. Blacks, hispanics, poor whites, social activists. Only lately has it become more and more some middle-class drug users. American blacks are talking about their youth "disappearing". Disappearing to where? To the U.S.A. gulags and concentration camps, that's to where.

The wealthy, those at the top with the economic strength to resist slave like imprisonment get it in the civil and chancery courts.

Those of us in the middle get caught up too, sometimes through domestic disputes and low level and/or vice crimes like drugs, sometimes through divorce, bankruptcy, probate courts, etc., but mostly it's now our turn for the gulags, as the gulags continue to grow but are running out of blacks, Hispanics and poor whites.

The hunters, the lawyers and judges, have made themselves immune and virtually "ungettable" through self-serving laws granting to themselves immunity which they've abused to become totally lawless. Through their secretive, brotherhood organizations that supposedly police their own but actually cover-up for their own, there just aren't many recourses against these lawless thugs. Meanwhile, to this day, they've got the "bush-wa's" thinking they're totally on the up and up -- providing us with the "best justice system in the world". Please. Best for whom? And, they're seldom if ever the hunted. Yet. I expect they will start hunting each other the moment they run out of us ordinary citizens to track down.

In order for us to obtain our promised and guaranteed rights to freedom and liberty, this power equation must change. We have got to stop being the prey and turn into the predators. How do we do such a thing?

I have lots of ideas, as do plenty of other people, but getting them translated into action would require nothing short of a new American Revolution. One is in order, RIGHT NOW. But, those of us who are hypnotized into thinking that we're not of the "hunted" now or soon to be of the hunted later, well, we'd rather watch TV or go see the Cubbies than fight for our freedom from these lawless thugs assuming safety and power under the color of the law.

Maybe when our numbers reach 6 million of us in jail and prisons, the average guy who can't wait to go shopping, sporting or drinking will be interested in taking action to keep himself or his loved ones out of the clutches of the hunters.

Recently becoming captured prey myself in a bad faith criminal misdemeanor case, "Harassment by Telephone", I've fought. The hunters don't like that on one level, yet on another level certainly do. They're bored with the roll-overs. They're a little curious to see what an "attack rabbit" can possibly do to big powerful them.

This attack rabbit thinks, probably not a whole lot here and now. Although she's sure they're not happy at being turned into the feds, their brother organizations and to the media, neither are these methods enough to get them to behave morally or lawfully in her case or anybody else's.

This attack rabbit does though believe in cosmic justice, and on that realm -- guess who's prosecuting whom? Witnessing against whom? Judging whom? And who will be the beggars on their knees before the Heavenly Gates crying out for justice and mercy?

Eternity is a right not a privilege, and the Cosmic Realm does visit its justice upon us. This certainly is the only thing keeping me from sinking into despair as I watch this country de-evolving well into its concentration camping stage, accompanied by a rare few of us out there fighting this obscenity, this highly organized and engineered crime against humanity. Yes, Eric Zorn, columnist for the Chicago Tribune. It IS Nazism. Engineered fascism, unbridled authority and privilege. A helpless, oppressed for centuries underclass deprived of all human rights. They're taking us by the hundreds in vans instead of by the thousands in trains. They're taking us over a long period of time instead of an intense few years. Still, they're taking us and class and race are the determining factors. The so-called abolishment of slavery never happened. It was moved into the prisons, where it became invisible and yet highly supported by the people. If you read the 13th Amendment, you will see that this amendment legalized slavery. Just convict someone of a crime, now you have the right to make him a slave. After the so-called abolishment of slavery, criminalization of citizens began in earnest and is in its prime growth stages today. These aren't prisons. They aren't facilities. These are concentration camps. Economic centers of production. Liberate the Concentration Camps of America!






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