Pro Se Defendant Subpoenas Prosecutors and a Judge

and on International Workers' Day
She Bombards Boss Complainant's Office with Subpoenas

May 8, 2000. Chicago. In the telephone harassment case against her going to trial soon, an activist who calls herself Jane Doe, representing herself Pro Se, subpoenaed about 15 employees of the complainant boss, Adam Maclean, of Wrox Press on May 1, 2000 and she has also subpoenaed the prosecutors and judge involved in an illegal incarceration against her during preliminary hearings. "May 1st is International Workers' Day, so I thought this would be an appropriate time to serve these exploiters. The significance of the timing will no doubt be lost on them. Societal responsibility just isn't in the Wrox business plan."

"Just a little harmless prosecution? I don't think so," says Doe. "These prosecutors and judges are rabid mad dogs. They got this way because nobody ever fights them back. Now there are two million of us with broken lives, disappeared in America's burgeoning and biggest growth industry: the prison industrial, legal slavery complex. Two million of us disappeared in our gulags. Four million more of us are in their claws as well, on probation or parole. These numbers aren't even the whole picture when you count the millions more given "state on leave" like they wanted to do with me in my case. And when you count immigrants and juveniles the system is warehousing in "detention centers" or other types of institutions. Politicians and criminologists lead us to believe all "criminals" are John Wayne Gacey's. Those working the (in)justice system have given themselves immunity in every aspect you can think of. The judicial branch of government doesn't even fall within the Freedom of Information Act. Prosecutors and judges operate in secrecy and charge the rest of us with impunity. They're subject to drug abuse programs. We're subject to long prison terms for exhibiting the same behavior. When prosecutors and judges realize they've done the wrong thing, they refuse to back off. These are superpredators and it's time they were stopped. How? Certainly not by encouraging people like Al Gore, who panders to fear of crime that first he and his slimy ilk along with the dominant media manufacture. Gore's got new grand ideas of drug testing every prisoner and probationer and parolee twice a week. Who's getting those contracts? Clinton did as much and more to ensure we're a police state as any Republican. Yet, when he commits crimes, he gets off."

Jane Doe's trial on criminal charges for telephone harassment is scheduled for May 15, 2000 at 9 a.m. at 1340 S. Michigan Avenue, Courtroom 501. This is a result of her fighting her wrongful termination by Maclean of Wrox Press Inc. with activism over lawyerism. "Nothing's more harassing than dealing with lawyers and lawsuits ... no war gets any dirtier than the wars fought in our courts. Adam's too arrogant and dense to realize that I have been doing him a favor. Too bad for him," Doe says as she points to a wrongful termination legal precedent of a salesman winning $136,000,000 in damages.

During preliminary hearings of Doe's harassment case, the state went on leave. Doe demanded trial. The state caused an illegal incarceration of Doe when a substitute judge was holding court and Doe was there just to observe court proceedings. Doe turned them into their brother organizations that did nothing, as she expected, and she turned them into the Feds. At one time a settlement offer was dangled in front of her and then a week later pulled back. At one time she was told she had a right to compel the complainant to give up home addresses of people she planned to subpoena and then later she was denied this. Most of her substantive motions were denied a hearing until first day of trial. "Some due process," Doe says. "They're treating me like I'm guilty until proven guiltier. Charged murderers get more due process than what I've been given. No wonder these days no one thinks you're innocent until proven guilty. With more than one-half of all death-row inmates in Illinois later found innocent, thinking people have wondered what's going in the lesser cases. I can show them."

Doe is demanding competent prosecution and that the state enforce the law against Maclean, who broke Illinois Employment Law when he fired her without giving her commissions earned among other monies -- a violation subject to a charge of a Class C Misdemeanor for each day of the offense -- May 15 will mark 316 days Maclean has withheld payment -- except the State's Attorney refuses to accept the complaint or information from Doe and a prosecutor hung up the phone on her while she was questioning how she can make a complaint. "Go to the police and SLAM was their answer even though the police had kicked me out of their stations for doing so," Doe says.

"The Court keeps calling Adam's employment theft a civil matter. Since when is a Class C misdemeanor a civil matter? Maybe since the time it became better to receive a felony than a misdemeanor. (This is something Cook County State's Attorney Richard Devine actually said while arguing for tougher gun laws.) Maclean steals thousands from me and it's a civil matter. I protest against this son of a bitch, and it's a crime and I face charges and punishment including possible jail time, wherein if I'm railroaded into being found guilty -- that's the only way they can win because they can never prove intent that was never there -- I'll probably get jail time instead of "community service" for daring to take on these superpredators. Some people have advised me to appeal prior to the trial since my rights are being denied. I decided against it. I want this judge to bear ultimate responsibility in the only court that really matters, the highest court there is and that's the one where you're eye to eye with God, explaining your life and your actions."

"If we'd all go before these rapid dogs off our knees, fighting them and damn the consequence, we would make some progress. Sure, we'll take hits and suffer losses as in any war ... but what's going to happen if we don't? The war is on and we're going willingly just like so many did during Hitler's reign of terror. We've allowed the superpredators to gulag and concentration camp our citizenry -- you can't even go for a drive into the country without passing a prison. What goes on in some of these prisons and control units violates every human rights standard known to man. Those comprising this system are superpredators. They are on the hunt. They are hunting us. Their prey of choice is poor blacks and Hispanics, but they're moving on. Their propaganda machine rivals anything invented by Goebbels. They must be stopped or you or someone you know is next, I guarantee it. And if I'm off to the gulags for saying so and for fighting it, so be it. Will you come visit me?






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