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An Ugly Labor Story: by Jane Doe.
Worker and Activist for Legal Revolution, Prison Abolition, Wage-Slave Abolition





When Wrox terminated Jane Doe, they did so wrongfully and that's a criminal offense. But Wrox officers are not being prosecuted. Jane is, for using social activist techniques to win a settlement rather than running to the Courts, which Jane does not trust, like and hopes to never have to use.

Oh, she's just disgruntled say her ex-bosses, Adam Maclean, Dave Maclean and Amy Greenman-Maclean. The Macleans are businessmen from the U.K. Adam was living here for several years and while Jane worked for him. Adam recently married Amy, a U.S. citizen and moved with her to the U.K. on January 27, the same day Adam had Jane facing mad-dog prosecutors.

Adam Maclean's prosecution in the U.S. courts against Jane Doe for harassment is going just fizzingly, and she represents herself PRO SE! In a preliminary trial hearing before Judge O'Malley, Branch 46 at 13th and Michigan in Chicago on January 27, the prosecution moved to dismiss with the state on leave. That put Jane Doe on some sort of probation. Judge O'Malley told Jane that if she had a lawyer, he would advise her at this point to demand trial. So the next day after some thought, Jane filed a motion to do just that and the new hearing at "O'Malley's Bar" as a friend of Jane calls it is on February 10, 2000 at 9 a.m.

Jane wonders if this dismissal is just a ruse by the State. Will they re-ignite their prosecutorial ire to bring bigger and better charges with bigger and better manacles before a prosecutor-biased or Wrox bought judge? Or will they really stay sputtering and die out ... running for cover? Doing the right thing has never been high on a prosecutor's resume. Prison and prosecution statistics reveal that. Jane has been demanding the paper trail and accountability on this case from the beginning. So far, she has received nothing. "How Kafka-esque," she says. In her court papers, she goes further, likening the U.S. punishment industry to those of Peru, Nazi-era Third Reich and apartheid South Africa.

Jane's Background: this bitch&and god-damned bitch when pushed around is from bush-wa stock, gone radical, and at 47 is more committed to revolutionary change then ever. She calls herself a grrrl-ella fighter in liberation of the U.S.A. Concentration Camps and gulags. She's a social activist, College Degreed journalist, writer of zines, anarchist, surrealist, humanist, wage slave abolitionist, artist, performer, astrologer among other things. She's a sometimes worker for mainstream wage slave jobs of pink, blue, white and muddled collar and alternative wage salve (sic) jobs of no collar.

Here's what she has to say to the British national Macleans, owners of Wrox Press: "So, darling euro-trash yuppie spawn of KKKreeeps, how do you like your authentic American experience? A little too much for you? Then go back to exploitation of those defenseless third-world countries and keep off of Yankee soil. I don't invoke patriotism very much because there's a lot of fucking things I hate about my own country in particular and nationalism in general. Letting the likes of you get past our INS and other border guards is one of those. My country's ability and willingness to kick Imperialist Englishman ass ain't! For better or worse, I'm a U.S. sovereign. Who the fuck are you? Adam, thanks for taking Amy Greenman, who's more like you than us, off of our land and out of our country. I for one hope it's for good and final. Good bye and good riddance, and I hope your life in the U.K. really stinks and that you can have no piglet children, but that if you have children at all that they all each and every one grow up to pick your pocket book on their way to leaving you forever. They may be very recessive, but still your children will have some revolutionist American genes. Ha, ha, ha, HA!"

Naturally, there's tons more to this story. To find more details and examine her motions to date, she invites you to visit her site:, then click on the members link, then go to Smash Wrox. Or, you can find the motions in her case file at the Clerk's, currently at Branch 46 at 1340 S. Michigan, Chicago, Illinois, Case Number: 99329469.

There are many reasons that Jane wants to represent herself Pro Se, the key one being that she has been fighting lawyer and judge tyranny since the 1980's, wrote a book called Abolishing Lawyer Tyranny, has founded an organization called Just Cause for Legal Revolution and struggles for prison abolition. Unlike many social activists, Jane does not put trust in defense lawyers, even those who seem to work for our causes. She's too gun-shy of lawyers in general and with even the best of defense lawyers, she knows that there is no way they can do the kinds of things that she can do for herself as a Pro Se defendant. Any lawyer needs to worry about losing standing before a judge or in the legal community that supplies him with a livelihood. The best lawyers serve more than one master at all times, and their first is the judicial system, not their client. And she refuses to pay money to support a system she considers rotten to the core.

The 30 motions that Jane has filed so far accounts for the state's rapid back crawl. She says "NO" to State on Leave, demands a trial and continues to file motions. This was a cooperative effort in many ways -- Jane was not on this alone. She had a lot of astute advice from other professional activists and radicals, lawyers who give advice on representing yourself pro se, law clerks at law libraries and very good friends, including many on the inside, who supported and encouraged her resistance, first to the Macleans' imperialist crimes against her and then to the court's railroading of her. Here's a profuse thanks to each and every Friend of Jane. One says to her, "You gave them motion sickness."


A final note to activists: oppressors just really hate full-page black faxes, especially when you send 20 or more at a time. I don't know why they call these spontaneous gifts of surrrealist stationery illegal. They just must be confused as to the faxes' purpose. Managers are notorious for being out of the loop on absolutely everything and anything and for having absolutely no sense of humor. "Take that, Tools of Unfreedom!" says Jane as she fires up her fax.







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