A Wrongful Termination Case against Wrox Press,
and the Charges Fly

Chicago. October 18, 1999: Wrox Press, a "hot" computer book publishing house headed by a British National has charged an ex-New Business and Sales Developer, American citizen with a criminal misdemeanor of harassment by telephone. The proceedings begin October 28, 1999 at 1:30 p.m. at 44 Br, 3150 W. Flournoy St. in Chicago. (Around the corner from the District 11 police station at 3151 W. Harrison.)

Adam Charles Maclean of Wrox signed a complaint against one time employee, Gale A. who also calls herself Jane Doe, aka Jane and grrrl-ella fighter, among other aliases, when "at war".

Aka Jane claims that Maclean wrongfully terminated her, when at the firing and afterwards, he refused to pay her commissions she had already earned, among other disputed amounts of money. She presents a precedent case in Atlanta, Georgia where a jury awarded a defrauded salesman $136,000,000. There was a story about this in the Friday, September 17, 1999 business section of the Chicago Tribune.

Maclean can be reached at 312-893-8080 for his comments or His brother, one of the other business co-owners, lives and works in the UK and is also in on the defrauding, which makes it a conspiracy. Dave is at: 1-800-814-3461 or

"If they make any comments, expect lies. I'm a direct victim and therefore refuse to say "alleged" fraud and "alleged" conspiracy. I know I've been defrauded, and the Macleans know they defrauded me. They also know they can legally pretty much get away with it, at least until we get into the civil courts. I don't want to be there or in the criminal courts, but the Macleans insist. They refuse to acknowledge they wronged me and won't budge without the force of court orders. Have it your way," Jane says.

For her full story and more contact info, you can check out Jane's web site at Jane launched a boycott against Wrox immediately after her firing and at the Macleans' refusal to "cure the defects" of their wrongful termination.

Jane is not surprised at the charges brought against her. She's a long time harsh critic of the U.S. judicial system, and wants to see the entire system declared a human rights abuse (check her web site for her reasoning).

"This is just further proof that the system is rigged against the ordinary citizen, and gives me more documentation against it. It's not about justice but about who rules and who has the bucks. And who obeys -- the little guy, as usual. Well, Adam and Dave do call us workers the "little" people. This is class bias committed by the D.A., because I turned in the Macleans of Wrox early in June or July for fraud against their salesmen, among other things, to the same D.A., among others, who is now prosecuting me. And I turned Wrox in again in September. Why didn't they look into my complaints against Wrox? Go look at the Bureau of Justice Statistics and find out the difference in the numbers of prosecutions against us "little" people and those against the "big guys". Yet the economic and other types of harm committed by the "big guys" is vastly worse than crimes the "little" people even have the power to commit," Jane says.

"Given my history with lawyers and Chief Justice Warren Burger's admonition that 70 to 95% of lawyers are incompetent and/or dishonest, I'll be representing myself. I'll get plenty of legal counsel and co- counsel and all that. But I'll never have a lawyer have power of attorney over anything. I'll learn how to file my own motions, subpoena my own witnesses, and all the other assorted things we have to do to try to obtain justice. Lawyers swear an allegiance first to their system over that of their client, so I'll pass. What good are they? Why do we have at least 6 million citizens in the claws of the justice system? Could it be because it's an INjustice system? Lawyers don't want me, and I don't want them.

"I've been an overly productive worker bee for Wrox in the 2 years I worked for them and was left alone to build them this monstrous business. I did it in a quietly aggressive manner. I'm generally a nice, quiet type of person. Until someone puts the screws to me or mine. That brings out the Incredible Hulk part of my personality, when I must turn into grrrl-ella grrrl, and do all kinds of extraordinary things, like actually stand up for my rights loudly and obnoxiously, put on war paint and stand outside someone's place of business, blowing that whistle loud and clear.

"Oh, shut up and just get an attorney like everyone else, says everybody. Well, I wrote the book Abolishing Lawyer Tyranny, so it's not so cut and dried as that! Besides, I know better than to take disputes into lawyer land, it's not my fault that the Macleans do not. Lawyers will try to convince us that they have a monopoly on settling disputes -- we're not all convinced of that.

"And what precisely did I do to deserve all this from Wrox? I met with extraordinary success at Wrox and refused to turn over my successful department I created myself to Adam Maclean when he demanded it for his fiancé that he had known a few months and was bringing into the business. That was never a part of our contract.

"I don't know yet what to expect on October 28th. I only just got served a few days ago, and it's going to take me awhile to learn just the basics of what I need to know, in terms of procedure, venue, statutes, cases, how to file things, etc. And in the middle of this, my Dad just died.

"Am I afraid? No. I'm not at all afraid. I fear our Justice system, but I'm not afraid of it. I don't respect it. They try to demand our respect with their power, but you can't demand respect. You can only earn it -- in any society, no matter how that society is organized. How can I respect a system that is supposed to represent blind justice but obviously is as effected by the love of the green and of power as much or more as anybody else? The system indicts itself with its own numbers, yet where are the attorneys rushing to save the people getting eaten alive by it? Citizens harmed by any agent or functionary of the Justice System don't have quite the same recourse as if they were harmed by a doctor or fraudulent businessman. That's not right. I have seen the face of "justice" in this country, up close and personal as a victim from Greylord era judicial corruption. So I know what goes on in America's Gulags and all its machinery to the point that even after I saw the precedent $136,000,000 wrongful termination case, I still wanted an out-of-court settlement. I pushed and advised the Macleans that way. But who am I? I'm just a "little" person".





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