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"...the law, [the man from the country] thinks, should be accessible to anyone at any time ..." Franz Kafka, The Trial.

An attorney's "first duty is to the courts and the public, not to the client, and wherever the duties to his client conflict with those he owes as an officer of the court in the administration of justice, the former must yield to the latter." Corpus Juris Secundum, Attorney & Client, Vol. 7, Sec. 4..



March 8, 2000

The Justice Factory: Non Appearance On Charge:

Harassment by Telephone Becomes Seventh Appearance
and Jane Doe is Grabbed in the Courtroom and Sent to Jail


This Report Also Issued as a Press Release

I've been an activist against judicial brutality for many years. Over 15 years ago, my husband was a victim of it -- he had committed no crime, but fought lawyers and judges and ended up in prison. He never came out because once in, they gave him a lobotomy. Just one horror story of thousands.

Millions of people are victims of judicial brutality, but there is as of yet no way out of this horrible abuse. Recently, I was charged with telephone harassment in a dispute between my ex-boss and me -- he ran away with my wages and wage supplements, among other things -- which by Illinois law is an employment crime. No one is prosecuting him, however.

So, unable to deal with lawyers, I'm representing myself pro se. I won the first round, the prosecution moved to dismiss the case and go on leave. Never having been shown any paper or documentation, allowed to confront witnesses, etc., I disagreed to this idea of state infringement upon my freedom of speech and demanded trial. From there, I kept up my fight. I moved for competent prosecution and also moved that anyone who is in the system now thanks to these same incompetent prosecutors need their cases reviewed and in the meantime, released immediately and at once. I also moved that police and States Attorneys in the state of Illinois lose their jurisdiction over minors. As adults, we need to learn how to handle ourselves with these lawless thugs committing crimes under color of the law while nothing can ever be done against them, really. But our children?

The prosecution and judges didn't take this too well and found ways to retaliate. One day last week, I'm in court just to observe to learn the process -- without being under tension of a hearing for myself. First order of business, "Gale A.", the judge calls my name.

What in the F*** is this, I think.

"Are you on an I-bond?" he barks. That's a recognizance bond.


"You violated your bond. You didn't stand up in court," he barks. "I'm requiring a D-Bond." This is where you get jailed, processed as a criminal and have to pay up bail.

The guards move in to take custody of me.

"But the judge, but the judge ..." I try to explain how I had permission from a previous judge to sit in courts at the (nazi) "All Rise" command due to my religious convictions (not to worship false idols).

Performa in these courts, I don't get a chance to say a thing. They just drag me off -- it's off to Cook County jail and that's a whole other absolute inhumane experience I'll write lots more about later.

This judge, Judge G. Smith, of Cook County Circuit Courts, didn't know me from Adam. But the Prosecutrix, by name of Patti Eshaei. did. She fingered me to the judge, knowing I don't stand at "All Rise" commands. What she did is not only misconduct and unethical, it is actually criminal, because she is under law to provide exculpatory evidence. Instead, she fingers me -- and they do all this in a conspiratorial, ex-parte manner. No long range planned conspiracy -- but the prosecutrix saw me, and like the rabid mad dog she is, bit.

So if you think going to jail just for a few days to get bonded out is no big deal -- give it a try. You spend most of your time, waiting in horribly dirty, unsanitary and uncomfortable conditions. We're being punished, so what's wrong with all that? Hardened criminal that I am, daring to speak truth to judges and lawyers, certainly deserve a hard environment. That'll soften me up! All these criminal drug addicts. Again, this hard environment will soften them up, too.

In prison, people are processed like parts in an assembly line and treated worse than animals. First, they line you up, confiscate some of your stuff like lipstick and hair clips as contraband while you're being told, "Hurry, there's other people", take the rest of your stuff to store for later, finger print you, mug shoot you, poke all your body parts, dig deeply into your genitals, take blood tests, TB tests, make you strip naked, squat and cough several times, spread your butt cheeks, etc. Most of the guards are barking dogs, too. Barking dog cops, barking dog prosecutors, barking dog judges, barking dog guards and medical personnel. Guess if I made my living off the blood of my fellow humans, I'd be barking, too. Some are nice and more humane. At least what I saw of them.

The jails are overcrowded, some cells made for two contain three women. I don't shower, not having any thongs and don't care to get a foot disease when I expect to be out soon. I talk to some of the women and get their stories. They are heart-breaking. This will be another installment. Nearly everyone on the inside is black. A few whites, poor, drug addicts. A few hispanics. I'd like to stay the entire week -- I have a court day in a week -- but can't tolerate the environment because of the air non-quality. I'm sick my first night and get bailed out. It's been almost a week, and I still have some sort of bronchial infection.

I have to go to court again on this Thursday. Can't wait! So what is my choice? Flee the state or country? Live like a criminal when my crime is speaking truth to power -- both times, first with my ex-boss and then with the lawyers and judges? I expect they may concoct some new "You violated bond" scenario, or perhaps, "You're in contempt of court" deal and go back there.

I don't regret the experience, it only strengthens my resolve in my prison abolition efforts. You heard me right, prison abolition. Next installment. By the way, these aren't prisons. These are concentration camps.

THIS IS JANE DOE FROM THE JUSTICE FRONT.; click on members to get to my motions and reports on the case.

Case 999329469
13 & Michigan Ave, Chicago IL 60605. 312-341-2743 States Attorney; 312-341-2888, Clerk
Branch 46, Room 501

Next court day: March 9, 2000





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