Letter from a Penned Pal, John Doe 9000
Tells of One Man's Struggle for Life in This Hell



It is now going on six years of my imprisonment. This man-made hell released the darker side of my humanity. Some of us turn our lives over to God for comfort and peace of mind, while others go on for years to try and locate their true identities. When I arrived here, the only thing I could do was sit on that hard bunk and release my anger. This place can transform a man. The struggle for life in this "hell" is not easy. I hope and pray for many more years to come. I never imagined that becoming a man would be so hard and hurtful, nor had I ever dreamed of maturing in a place like this man-made hell. This man-made hell not only released the darker side of my humanity, but it has opened up my blind eyes to the reality I face along with many condemned prisoners. When I arrived, the only thing I knew was that, I was in a new world; a place where human beings exist and life goes on. I am not proud to say that since I have been in here I have cut through the fence to get two prisoners because I felt so much anger inside. I wanted to release that anger. Then I felt I couldn't hurt them. ...Since I have been in this man-made hell, I have struggled to stay strong ... it has been hard ... there are times when I feel like giving up my life all together... Some of us find their identities , some never do. ... Since I have asked God to come back into my life, He has given me back the support of my family and the communication which had died a couple of years ago.





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