14-Year Old Girl's Appeal to Gov. Bush


I would love for them to get out of their prison cells
and come home to us in good health.



Dear Governor Bush,

I am a 14 year old girl in Clearwater, Florida that has just seen the latest on the murder of Frank Valdes, at FSP. I am appalled to hear this kind of information about a prison guard beating him to death. Aren't these people supposed to keep prisoners safe and healthy? They aren't supposed to kill them and treat them like garbage even though they have messed up in their past. This is NOT a reason to beat them to DEATH. No matter what happened I strongly believe that those who were related to this event should have some severe punishment. This is my life as I see it the way my father and uncle are being treated in a Florida prison. I do not wish to hear of such a tragedy happen to one of my family members. I wish that no matter how hard it is to keep these people under control they SHOULD NOT be treated other than human beings. Yes, I understand that many of them have done very bad things in their past but it is of no right of the prison guards to react to them in this behavior.

My grandfather and I are the only family members left of the Moncer's because of the imprisonment of my father and uncle, if I were to hear of such treatment to them this way, I would definitely be writing you again with more than just simple words and pleading. I would love for them to get out of their prison cells and come home to us in good health.

I cannot start to imagine what may be happening behind bars of other Florida prisons, and prisons around the world, and I strongly suggest you do something about this now, before another cold blooded death is on your hands! I am, for some strange innocent reason, scared that I could end up in a Florida prison and would not like my treatment this way.

If you have any questions or comments on this letter please contact me at =========== and tell me what you think, and what you plan to do about this situation.







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