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Sites Devoted to Smashing Injustice and Classism



Sites Devoted to the State

Government and Corporate

Reform from Within

Sites Devoted to Smashing
Injustice and Classism

Revolutionary book source and more.
Reform and revolutionary book source.
Utopian Anarchist Party that doesn't exist. They take in teen runaways. Seek to abolish prisons and police. Got the above image off their site, thanks guys!
An Anarchist radio show. Tune in!
Get the lowdown of what's really up.
Anarchist site with great graphics, links to books and other anarchist sites, essays, photos, images, many used in my web pages.
Anti-capitalism, imperialism site against world atrocities for dollars and power.

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Seeks to reform political corruption through Guerilla Lawfare.
Injustice link, in English and French. Beautifully and elegant web design too!
Chicago activists and coalitions work to Free Mumia.
Site to fully inform jurors. Juries have the right and obligation to ignore bad law, badly applied law and a judge's instructions. Revealers of this in a courtroom can be cited for contempt and even charged with jury tampering. Just one more incident of vicious hiding and burying by the "justice" engineers.
Site to free Lori Berenson, held in Peruvian prisons for purported guerrilla activities.
Human Rights Internet page
Some us demand equal protection under the laws.
 Seeks to free abut 150 political prisoners (they're missing about 4 zeros at least), MOVE members, the Africas.
Magazine of wrongly convicted.
Restorative justice page.
The 'lectric Law Library. How to describe it? Go visit.
The site of one of Merl's two sons, both lost to America's gulags in senseless sentencing. Merl built Mike's site because of his vicious and out-of-proportion-to-the-deed criminal sentence.
The Patrick Crusade. Primarily legal reform site. On the radical edge. Close to becoming revolutionary. Founded with the basic purpose to win the release of Patrick, also helps fight others experiencing INjustice. They run an active prison chat list at It's a moderated list, you must join to send and receive messages.
Story of Delores Markee and attempts to free her.
Write a prisoner, see their art, poetry, hear their stories.
Prison Issues Desk, order posters from here. Many links.
Critical Resistance. Seeks to find alternatives before we can abolish prisons. Unacceptable delay tactic! Does take a critical look at what prisons are really all about.
One of many Free Mumia Abu Jamal web sites.

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Sites of the State

Governmental and Corporate
Bureau of prisons site. Rage inspiring.
The criminal practioner's guide.
This lovely trade publication has a "Facility of the Month" feature. We all know it's not about Correction, but punishment, torture, abuse and slave labor. These aren't facilities. They are dungeons. This rag needs to be sued for libel for calling a dungeon a rose. A dungeon by any other name is still rank.
As it sounds. Check out their buyersguide to get a look at the industries profiting off the prison system. Smash 'em!
Find info on laws, lawyers, etc.
For government information.
Private Prison Management Company. Sharks! Bloodthirsty beasts making money off the torture of human beings.
Mock trials, on-line. Test a case.
Site of National Association of State Attorneys General, find a listing of all these Superpredators here.
DOJ's Bureau of Statistics their own numbers reveal the DOJ for what it is, classist, racist, fascist: one of the supreme tools of the ruling class.
Do you have latent fascist tendencies? Check out this site! You'll find the physical requirements aren't as tough as you may of thought. Thought you had to be in shape and stay in shape? Nah. That's not the real criteria. That's myth!
Dept of Justice, read about "The Patriot Act", ask who's going to keep us safe from our protectors and the true Superpredators?

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Reform From Within

Center on Wrongful Convictions
It takes journalists to do the jobs of the lawyers.
Progressive Justice links. Very much within.
Eric Sterling's site of Criminal Justice Policy. Links to State justice orgs. I've met Eric, he is an okay guy especially for a system lawyer, but still he's on the wrong side of the fence. He helped make policy of mandatory minimums and now regrets it and fights it. Associated with FAMM. On his way but in the very early reformist stages of becoming a revolutionary. Maybe next life, Eric!
Links to legal reform many within.
Sign a petition. Petitions go to U.S. VIPs only to date.
Australian Justice Action seeks reform within.
File a complaint and watch it disappear. The magic of the "just us" system.

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