An Ugly Legal Story
That's Ugly for Millions.

1.9 Million USA citizens incarcerated, another 5 million or so on parole or probation, another x million of alien refuges incarcerated, x million children ... the list goes on.



Just Cause for Legal Revolution:
Chicago ABC Demands It NOW

The History of the Criminal Courts Has Been an Ugly One. The courts were never set up for justice, but for "just us". Systemic genocide of African-Americans has been going on in this system since the so-called abolishment of slavery. The U.S. "Just Us" system is the height of the depravity developed by the ruling class, for the ruling class. Article XIII of the Constitution of the U.S.A.: Ratified December 6, 1865. Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. Blacks have been especially targeted for criminalization ever since and the State became the new slave masters.

A Statement from Jane Doe
At a Meeting of the Ivory Tower
social legal planners in 1998, I found out that the INjustice system has Already Targeted 10-Year Old African-Americans and Latinos FOR PRISON in 5 to 8 years from then! What happened about 1988 was a baby boom, and it was not a baby boom of whites, but of races of color. The solution to continued white supremacy? Genocide through a method that has become socially acceptable. This is a monstrous evil. White kids get in trouble with the Law, they're taken home to the parents. Other kids get in trouble with the Law, they're handed over to a harsh, brutal and tortuous system that soon makes Real Criminals out of nothing more than children.

Even People Caught Up in the ugliness of this system think it can be fixed! So did I after my ugly experiences over 15 years ago in the civil arena, so

I'm not as surprised as all of that. It still took many, many years and lots of observing, meetings, listening, learning to find out that not only can This System NOT Be Fixed, it's not even broken! It works as it was meant to, as a killing machine. It is corrupt from top to bottom, by design. You do not build a new house on a rotten foundation. This system must be trashed in whole NOW. Every moment lost in debate meant only to confuse and delay means another life.

These Reform Ideas Getting Thrown Around Are Ridiculous and are like putting a band-aid on a hemorrhage. Well, I'm as guilty as the next guy, I wrote a book just filled with reform ideas. Abolishing Lawyer Tyranny. I've come such a long way from that, I'm almost embarrassed to say that I wrote it. Now, abolishment of prisons isn't enough. Abolishment of the idea of punishment is also necessary.



But Waking Up Sometimes is a long process and most of us must go through it. I will do what I can to be in Solidarity with reformists, even though I no longer support even the idea of reform in any way. After all, I'm a reformed reformist turned revolutionary. And reformists are one heck of a lot closer to revolutionary thinking than the average, nearly hopelessly brainwashed sheeple.

I'm very active in this struggle in many ways, writing, videoing, protesting, meeting, and speaking. I've circulated a petition/declaration, supported by

reports, To Have the Entire U.S.A. Judicial System Declared by the World Court A Human Rights Abuse.

Chicago ABC is in good company with many great organizations that are devoted to the issue of Injustice. You can email us over any INjustice issue.



The level of discourse on this subject is way too Genteel, Civilized and Moderate when you consider what is actually going on.  

I'll listen to speeches by people who went to jail for 15 years, 30 years for crimes they did not commit. This isn't to mention those given the death sentence. And even they speak of reform. Like the system is broken and needs fixing! As I said, it ain't broken. It's the Killing Machine That It Is, By Design.

Police brutalize innocents to confess and the Lawyers And Judges Brutalize innocents with no chance in hell of exoneration or fairness. And the Prison Cages Are Torture Chambers, not

the Holiday Inns your local pandering politician would have you believe. The industry calls prisons "dormitories" and "facilities". Outrageous! "Cages are cages and torture chambers are torture chambers." The U.S.A.'s gulags are holding close to 2 million people and the gulags are considered a growth industry, trading on Wall Street.

Today's prisons are Modern and Accepted Concentration Camps, today's sad and sorry epic in U.S.A. history. People are being destroyed over duration rather than intensity and vans are being used instead of trains. The U.S.A.'s criminalization and prison policies are Polices of Genocide and We Are the New Nazi Germany. Heil Hitler!



While they get most of the activist attention, the Police are the tail of this beast. They don't train and order themselves around. The lawyers and judges are the head and its fat, huge belly is the millions and endless number of machine functionaries like legal secretaries, law clerks, bailiffs, prison guards. Once I protested outside of a criminal court building in the afternoon. In the morning, the guards search the people entering the courts and won't let them bring in literature. I thought I'd catch the people as they came out. People flooded out of the courts from 3:30 to 4:30. But these people weren't the general public. They were workers at the courts. They all had their badges on and gave me that evil eye look. The look that says I'm threatening their jobs. They all need to quit their jobs. Next time I do a protest there in the afternoon, the theme will be "Quit Your Job."


Do whatever you can to Stop Judicial Brutality!! If you live in the U.S.A. and are doing nothing to help put an end to the prison/industrial complex, then you work and profit in it or you are a mushroom. And me and my buddies will eat you for supper.


Jane Doe

A Chicago ABC gpgrrrl-ella fighter
in Liberation of American Concentration Camps


Since the publication of the last Anarchist Black Cross Network newsletter in mid-January, Chicago ABC has been involved in several projects and actions. Although pursued and participated in for their own sake, there’s been a continuous effort to promote and organize for the upcoming prison abolition conference, scheduled for August 13 -15, here in Chicago. This includes attendance at numerous meetings of other prisoner support groups, anti-war organizing meetings, tablings and readings at various citywide events and so forth. Add to this, the daily support work, such as letter writing, phone calls, making copies for legal challenges, the sending of free zines to prisoners. As well, several new zines have been formatted or just added to the South Chicago ABC Zine Distro in 2004.

On January 16th, an article in the Chicago Reader, a free weekly with a print run over 100,000, printed a story about a monument being commissioned through the Public Arts Program of the Department of Cultural Affairs of the city of Chicago. Essentially, they will have a ceremony on Labor Day to unveil this sculpture, which is of a speaker’s wagon on the site of the Haymarket (police) riot. The interesting thing about this is, they claim to have gotten "everyone involved" – community groups, labor and the police – but no anarchists. They want to "take Haymarket away from the anarchists and turn it into a free speech issue." They even mocked anarchists – "Who would they have represent them?"

For Anarchists especially, this is an intolerable situation, so I wrote a letter that the Reader printed, blasting the city for this nonsense. I contacted Nathan Mason, who is the point man on this project and am in negotiations with him. I have volunteered myself to speak for the anarchist position about all of this – the history of Haymarket, the fact that conditions are basically the same today, war, repression, coercion, demonization and targeting of anarchists continues, etc. and I am crafting a sort of reality check address that I will give at Haymarket on that day, whether I am allowed to speak at the official podium or not. A related situation is the naming of a one block park of asphalt to be renamed "Lucy Parson’s Park" for the woman dubbed "more dangerous than a thousand rioters!" The authorities are looking for brownie points and so want to add more notable Chicago women to the names of their parks. In doing this, they are trying to turn her into a non-revolutionary. They’re saying she can’t be blamed for the activity of her husband (martyred Albert Parsons.) Like at Haymarket, they want to turn our beloved and true anarchist mentors into "reformers." At one point, they likened her to Ronald Reagan, who was also unsatisfied with government. Of course, there is a difference. Reagan wanted to make it more corporatist (fascist) whereas Lucy was a bonafide anarchist who fought to abolish all governments! They’re complete opposites!

Jane Doe is on the case in this one!

On January 23rd, I went to a conference at the University of Illinois, in Urbana to participate and table at a conference concerning the close, conveyor belt type relationship between schools and prisons. This was hosted by the noted abolitionist professor, David Roediger and his colleagues. Later that night, I gave a lengthy talk at Anacrotan House, an anarchist living space. Much literature was distributed this day, mostly prisoner zines and ABCN Newsletters. The infoshop in Champaign was visited and the post-conference party were both heavily saturated with zines.

On February 19th, an article in the Chicago Sun-Times reported that the Chicago Police had infiltrated and spied upon five activist groups in the Chicago area in 2002. These included the American Friends Services Committee, Chicago Direct Action Network, the Autonomous Zone, Not In Our Name and Chicago Anarchist Black Cross. The five groups met and decided to stage a joint press conference right in front of police headquarters – 35th and Michigan Avenue on February 25th. I was able to bring Fred Hampton, Jr. to speak of where this type of activity can lead – the outright assassination of his father and Mark Clark, in 1969. This was well-covered by the press and parts of Anthony’s statements were shown on television and the newspapers. Gale, aka Jane Doe, also gave a strong address at this press conference.

Obviously, the spying has not stopped. The cops said they were concerned only with thwarting terrorism and protecting the citizens of Chicago. If this were true, they’d march down to city hall and arrest Mayor Daley – the biggest terrorist in Chicago. He was the one who bulldozed

Meigs Field into permanent disrepair and has orchestrated the dynamiting of dozens of high rise apartment buildings, throwing thousands of citizens into the streets. The police, of course, did not prevent these assaults, but rather, stood guard during them. Also, Mayor Daley was Cook County State’s Attorney when many of these deathrow railroadings were going down in the seventies and eighties. Just a couple of days ago, the eighteenth deathrow prisoner was released after decades of wrongful incarceration. There are more innocent people on deathrow all across the country. Hundreds of thousands of prisoners are innocent of the charges they were convicted of or are "guilty" of "crimes" that have no victims. Being actively harassed by the police spy units demonstrates that our work is having some positive effect. For the last thing they want is for people to have access to the unbridled truth! Also, from the heavy news accounts of this and the strongly worded sound bites people got a rare opportunity to see in print, helps legitimize our group as seriously and articulately opposed to the lies and bullying of city government. People respect and appreciate it whenever regular people challenge the state!

During this time (January thru March) a lot of energy was being gathered and shared by a group called B-PAC (Black Political Action Committee.) Some of their weekly meetings drew over a hundred people. This is spearheaded by Southside and South suburban community organizers, preachers, family members of the incarcerated and regular citizens, who are totally fed up with the Jackson/Rainbow PUSH domineering of the black Chicagoland political landscape. It’s needed new energy!

A convention was held at Chicago Metro Hotel in suburban Harvey from April 2 – 4. Anthony gave a lengthy presentation/workshop at this convention. Much literature was made available and hours of serious discussion took place. A video of an interview with anarchist prisoner Ojore N. Lutalo, was also screened. Serious ABC work is definitely welcomed in the black community! This is what the cops don’t want to see!

On May Day, many activities were occurring all over the city, country and world. Personally, I ended up in Joliet to help the Joliet ARA (Anti-Racist Action) and ASAP (Anarchist Skins and Punks) challenge a demonstration by the Klan and Nazis, who were rallying for their fallen Fuehrer, Matthew Hale. He’s the guy who does the Church of the Creator out of Aurora, Illinois. One of his dupes went on a shooting spree and murdered Rickey Byrd, the former basketball coach at Northwestern and another (Indian) man outside a church in Indiana. He also wounded several people in front of a synagogue in Skokie, before being cornered by the cops and killing himself. So, Hale, who was recently framed by the Feds for conspiring to kill a female judge, is loathed by many, as are his unctuous followers. We had maybe fifty people to their twenty. It was an unusual spectacle for the people in the area, with the nazi flags counterpoised against anti-racist anarchists. Many people coming out of the stores and restaurants, joined our ranks and shouted their own epithets! The cops were there in force, but couldn’t stop the expression of opinion. I handed out all the literature I brought, a whole satchel full, mostly of ABCN Newsletters. It got to be a tense situation, later at the home of the local nazi, as the demonstrators followed them there. The next day, this house was shot at by somebody.

The media also came and I managed to give several statements that made the nightly news. It was the front page story in the next day’s Joliet daily. My main point was that these nazis are America’s biggest cheerleaders, who love the fact we are murdering dozens of Iraqis daily and hold millions of black people, and others of color, in gulags throughout the country.

A new coalition of anarchists began meeting, conveniently enough, at UIC! Chicago ABC joined this group, first called CAAAC (Chicago Anarchist and Anti-Authoritarian Coalition.) The name has since been shortened to CAN (Chicagoland Anarchist Network.) It’s a sort of clearinghouse for citywide anarchist projects, such as demonstration planning, anti-war articulating and distributing, support for striking hotel workers, - many, many projects, including organizing for our Prison Abolition Conference.


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