You Gave Them Motion Sickness.
- Ron Doe, Friend of Jane.



"...the law, [the man from the country] thinks, should be accessible to anyone at any time ..." Franz Kafka, The Trial.

An attorney's "first duty is to the courts and the public, not to the client, and wherever the duties to his client conflict with those he owes as an officer of the court in the administration of justice, the former must yield to the latter." Corpus Juris Secundum, Attorney & Client, Vol. 7, Sec. 4..



The Justice Factory: Third Appearance On Charge:

Harassment by Telephone,
the State Wants Out
and Jane Says No

January 27, 2000. Chicago, Branch 46, Courtroom 501. Case no: 99329469

I arrive to court about just in time, thanks to horrible weather conditions. There's the usual mad rush of people trying to get in past the security checkpoint. Only one elevator is working and many scenes of Orson Welles' surrealist movie The Trial (yeah, Kafka's story) flash before me.

Today I've got a friend supporter there and another one who agreed to be a character witness and another two who arrived after the action.

I smell dismissal in the air when I can't find Adam's lawyer in the "audience".

Everything happens opposite to the way it did on my last appearance. One would think they've been reading my reports.

I'm called up early in the proceedings. Judge O'Malley is pleasant to me. "Did you stand today as I entered?"

I smile, give him an Indian hand prayer mudra and put my hand on my heart to fulfill my promise to show other signs of deference to the Court. "No, it's against my religion, you know."

"Did you inform the bailiffs?"

"No, I didn't get time. And it's so crowded in here, they didn't see me."

"It doesn't bother me, it's really okay," he says.

There's a different prosecutor this time. The rabid, barking dog pregnant woman is not there and instead there's a young man prosecutor. He's white. He starts off fast and nervously, then stops himself mid-sentence, demanding a stenograhper. She comes in and is wearing a hat, though we adult juvenile delinquents can't wear hats in court.

He says the complainants (though on record there is only one) have decided to give me a break since I was no longer calling, sending black blank faxes and emailing. I roll my eyes at this and mumble "how generous of them". He made a special point of the black blank faxes. He said the state was going to dismiss and be on leave and I was free to go as long as I no longer engage in unlawful acts, there's no longer a problem. He mentions trespassing in his Dismisal and Admonishment Speech to me. Gee, I don't remember being charged with trespassing.

The judge mentions several times in the packed court room that I'm pro se, unlike the last time when he tried to bury it under the court's church pews. He helps me out by saying that if I had an attorney, at this point he'd recommend to demand trial. I wasn't sure what the judge meant and said so. Even after his explanation, I was thinking that he meant I should demand trial should the state bring charges back. Being in this process is so intimidating and nerve racking that you don't think straight, just the way they like it.

The judge says that I'm free to go and lectures me about having no contact with the complainant. Well, judge, you're not the boss of me and since no authority at all has given me paper on what I've done that they've determined is illegal even though they've dragged me into their system, I'll decide on my own how to exercise my freedoms -- freedoms that are ours already, by the way -- not something to be granted on selectivity and whims from a bunch of babylonian speaking eggheads and bullies whom have stolen them from us. I ask for my legal expenses from the complainant. People in the "audience" laugh. The judge says I'm in the wrong court, and I say I'll go to the civil courts.

Later, after explaining the day to some legally astute friends and giving further thought to this, I realize that the judge meant I should move to continue this prosecution by demanding a trial. The next day, on Friday at 4:15 p.m., I file just such a motion, denying the conditions the state put on me and refusing to agree that I've committed unlawful acts. I sign up for a new motions hearing on February 10, 2000 at 9 a.m., same place.

I saw a film clip of ex-CIA operative Hunt saying about the CIA's overthrow of democrat Arbenz in Guatemala, "All we did was a little harmless bombing."

So, what is this action against me? All they did was a little harmless prosecuting? I'm in torture over this since September 24, 1999 when I first find out about it. My life is consumed with it, learning enough about the law to defend myself, working on motions and my defense. My family headed by my ailing and recently widowed, elderly mother is worried to death over me. My friends, too, many of whom went to great trouble for me and shuffled their lives around to stand up for me in court. Not to mention their emotional pain and suffering of just going to court, consenting to humiliating searches and treatment. I get prosecuted for standing up for the pittance (to them, not me) that is owed me in developing obscenely wealthy people tons more wealth? A little harmless prosecuting? I don't think so.

The "harmless bomber" prosecutors were just too frenetically anxious to get rid of me. Hey, prosecution, "I'm baaacccck ....." and working on more motions. You want to get rid of me, then dismiss this case all the way and drop charges. I'm not inviting you to look over my shoulder should I want to call Wrox Press to demand my money that they owe me. If you're so sure I've committed a crime, prosecute me all the way and deliver the paper goods, my bill of particulars and discovery so I can know what freedoms you've decided to grant me today. If you're not so sure, you had no business tortuously interfering in my life.

"...the law, [the man from the country] thinks, should be accessible to anyone at any time ..." Franz Kafka, The Trial.

This is Jane Doe at the Justice Front







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