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November 16, 1999

910 N. Wood
Chicago IL 60622

Mr. Norman L. Bloch
Balonick & Bloch
221 N. Lasalle, Suite 1320
Chicago IL 60601

Dear Mr. Bloch,

I appreciate your getting back to me regarding your client Adam Maclean. Pursuant to our phone conversation of Friday, November 12, 1999, I feel it necessary to clarify with you that my only interest in dealing with you is in requesting through you that you advise your client, Adam Maclean, that it is in his best interest to settle with me out of court. As I've told Mr. Maclean many times, part of my terms for such a settlement is NO LAWYERS. This is nothing personal against you nor any other lawyer Mr. Maclean might hire. It's my personal preference, as a survivor of judicial corruption from the Greylord era. (And I do mean survivor, my husband of the time did not survive it.) As you know, Mr. Maclean is a UK national and seems ignorant of what can happen in U.S. jury trials.

I will advise you at this point that I intend to sue for $600,000,131.00 and 100% control of the Wrox and Active Path Academic Department and their Corporate Training business.

Once I set the machinery of a law suit in place, which will begin in the next several weeks to months, we're going all the way -- I will no longer be interested in an out-of-court settlement and barely am at this moment. I am not interested in jumping through torturous legal hoops in finding good legal counsel and in preparing my suit, just to walk away with a settlement. The settlement must occur before any filing of my complaint. I cannot begin to describe how tortuous a process that is for me. Therefore, I have put it into the damages I seek from Mr. Maclean.

Dealing with this system in the harassment charge your client brought against me reminds me to back off of shutting the door on a settlement up to the last possible moment: when I file a civil complaint. If I had it in me to get the slightest satisfaction out of the system, I would relish nothing more than dragging your client over the coals in it. Harassment is quite legal depending upon who's wielding the stick, isn't it?

Mr. Maclean has been stonewalling me all this time. Now he's abusing process to stonewall and assume a legal advantage as well. Whatever the machinations of the court determine in this harassment case, the people aren't going to buy it and that includes his customers.

I have more than enough causes of action, including tortious action, proof, witnesses and expert witnesses to shock the conscience of a reasonably empanelled jury and to win a significant award -- if not everything that I seek or more. I will not attach for Mr. Maclean the appropriate legalese to all the harms and damages Mr. Maclean inflicted upon me. He knows damn well what our contracts were and he knows damn well what he did. The pain and suffering he has inflicted upon me since May 28, 1999, in his first devious strike against me that he made while out of town and through another person, is something I do not wish upon my worst enemy.

I've seen Mr. Maclean's sense of legal fairness in his General Release (copy enclosed) and in his actions against me since May 28, 1999. If he wants outsiders in on a settlement as he does in most aspects of his life, I will be agreeable to non-lawyer mediation or consultant services, at his expense. My ears are closed to anything that strays far from the settlement offer I already placed in front of him: $10,000,131.00 and 20% of the profits for 20 years of the department that I built him. And just think, on June 24, 1999 he could have gotten out of this with a few hundred grand or even less. Not today, not by a long shot. Stonewalling is very expensive!

Please also advise your client not to use violence against me. Nor to attempt to bribe public officials. I'm fully aware of the extent of his devious nature. I have several assigns in this case, so that my damage claim will live on independent of what he (or life) may do to me. Also, I am keeping law enforcement agencies, human rights groups, a host of social activists and the mainstream and alternative media fully aware of every stage of our dispute. Because of my past dealings in the legal system, I know what can and does go on behind closed doors, so I have asked for Federal monitoring of my case against Wrox, and of the criminal case he's involved me in as well.



Jane Doe
ex Wrox Employee





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