They Can Hate Me Now



By D'Shawn-X McGhee

"No one can be found who does not perceive the wrongness and evil of oppression with his natural conscience, or who does not more or less realize what agonizing misfortunes oppression has visited upon human society, what slaughter, how many broken homes. Experience shows conclusively that, however solidly the palace of oppression may stand, it will not endure; sooner or later, it will collapse upon the oppressors." -Allameh Tabataba'I

"A state may be guilty of unbelief and endure, but it cannot tyrannize and endure."

Revolutionary Greetings Komrades:

It is my true ambition that this silent colloquy in which we now engage in finds the spirit of each of you Freedom Fighters in an equidistant or greater mind-state for Revolution. It is highly essential for those of us who are foundated in Truth and Integrity to constantly network throughout these governmental yards and kamps...because we are all we have.

"They put him in prison so his roar was heard no longer on the Mountain of Israel." Ezekiel 19:9.

You know there's a metaphor of a panther in a cage who walks back and forth sixty feet per minute, seeking a way out of the cage. He later endows himself with modern equipment (knowledge of self, God, Devil and Time, etc.) and is walking now three thousand feet per minute. With that equipment his quest for liberation can never be sidetracked, regardless of the turbulence of the flight. He doesn't have that far to go yet, but he knows that he must harness an insatiable impulse to render his suffering for good -- he recognizes that other Panthers have walked the same distance, and he refuses to wince or cry out loud. He won't complain, he simply will bear, accept and be grateful to Allah (God) for fashioning him to endure this suffering...for this makes him better than those outside of the cage. He does not give in to external distractions, nor their worthless jeers and hollow mockery. His focus comes from within. He doesn't give up at the first touch of pressure and never sells out --- most importantly he knows that the fire is not to be betrayed, learning how to give it shape, purpose and reality. This Panther represents us at one time or another.

To my fellow anarchist and abolitionist Komrades who are outside these walls fighting hard and giving your all -- I extend my clenched fist salute. It is the chosen few who are pushing and pulling the Revolution, and in my opinion, y'all deserve much praise for being unsung heroes. I personally know that Revolution-aries don't just pop up out of thin air -- yet are forged ideally by oppressive and repressive conditions. It may have took for some of us to go through many different trivial experiences to come within terms of realizing the state of despair that we are all in, and will continue to be if we don't take a stand. This whether we are outside looking in or vice versa: inside looking out, the dilemma is that we are either going to start recognizing the crisis in Americkkka and ahead: the prison (profit) industrial system:

  • the doing away with our children in punk/adult Kamps,
  • the framing and malicious attempts/acts of murdering men and women on death row
  • the harassment, beatings and slayings of the defenseless by bloodthirsty police officers
  • or on the other hand to watch and wait silently for the government or some form of law enforcement violate you and yours next.

Understand the metaphor about the Panther. Yes! he endures much hardship and toil, but this affliction only strengthens his resolve. The walking to and fro represents a man or woman in deep thought at times: exercising, building, preparing, mastering and acquiring the knowledge to one day overcome his oppressors. Even though each step he takes sharpens his claws, he is still careful not to reveal the numerous weapons of choice now at this disposal.

For nearly five years I've been on segregation (lock up within a lock up) status here in the Michikkkan Persecute to Correct system; better known as Michikan Department of Corrections. My condition arose from a revolt at a Muskegon, Michikan prison back in January 1995, whereas eight corrections officers were injured in fisticuffs. Five of my komrades and I were charged and three ended up being convicted. I will fight in the Kourt of Appeals for relief. There are advantages and disadvantages to this sort of confinement. A wise man once said that solitude is one of the things we fear most but need a lot more of. I was only short of my seventeenth (17th) birthday when I came to prison. I've been on segregation since I was eighteen (18), and must say that this is where I developed from male to man. For me personally, it was a rite of passage, the lessons learned and the experience has enabled me to open my eyes and fashion self in a way never thought possible. Of course there are many people who have contributed to my growth and development; my mentors and komrades -- even the enemy coming at me from all sides has done me some good in building character, for I look at them as everything I don't want to be.

I think one of the most standout disadvantages for me is the pain my family goes through knowing I'm here. Emotionally they aren't as tough as me, then again, maybe I'm not tough at all as people may think when it comes to emotions. The last time I say my family, I was shackled hand and foot and held behind a glass window as if I'm a threat to my own family. Once my Queen Mother and family realized this was how the visit was going to be conducted, they all broke into tears of sorrow ... unexpecting their response, caught off guard, I cried, too. Silly as it may sound, I hide the fact that I miss small things like a hug, a kiss or even a simple handshake.

The advantages and disadvantages of this solitude lies solely in the individual. Some cats utilize this time all wrong, being distracted by things and events that don't produce nor contribute to their own well being, let alone another's. Even as I write these words, they hoop and holler over football games on television. I can't say that I'm the only individual on my rock that is conscious to this mundane bullshit that affects our current condition but I can say that I'm the only one on this wing trying to change the reality being seen through my eyes. I have guys around me who can think, they claim to be knowledgeable of the ills that infest the world, but they either don't know how to use their skills, or aren't as sincere about Revolution (radical change) as they would lead us/me to believe. Because I've contributed much to the struggle, I find myself not trusting those who only profess with the mouth.

On the day of the revolt at Muskegon, my komrades and I were split up and placed in holding cells up until midnight, when which we were put on a van and escorted by state troopers to Michikkkan's only super maximum prison: Ionia Maximum Correctional Facility (I-Max). Before I go on, let me say that when a person or people is continuously being abused, mistreated and tyrannized by a society or group of individuals, that person or people's humanism will eventually revolt. This is found in nature as well, because even that Panther won't attack unless he's being messed over. Frederick Douglass once said, "Find just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows or both." So, in order to win battles, there comes a time when we must be willing to do battle...deciding when to be the Panther and when to be the fox. At the Muskegon prison, I embodied the characteristics of the Panther because my condition and confinement wasn't totally helpless. I could walk around due to my being in general population.

Now at I-Max, I had to be the fox. Making wise decisions and demonstrating total discipline... for the harassment and abuse there is rampant. For weeks on end after being at that facility, we underwent inhumane and sickening treatment. One of the things that was common was the "playing" with our/my food. There, our food wass brought to our cells because we were segregated from the general populated prisoners. Finding chewing tobacco, saliva and even urine in our meals and drinks, just to name a few infractions. Some bit of advice I can give you first-timers in prison and/or segregation is to never trust the meals under any circumstances. Always inspect your eats and drinks in a lighted area. If by chance you find something wrong with it, such as in my case, just discreetly flush it or throw it away. If they "think" you ate it, they'll eventually stop. However, never let your guard down, ever. To my surprise after being at I-MAX for months, and my thinking I fooled them, one of the officers tried to poison me again. One morning as I sat at my desk about to eat, an officer, the officer who had passed me my tray, interrupted me. He called me to my door and told me not to eat the tray because his co-worker had taken my toast and rubbed it around the toilet seat in the staff's bathroom. Even though this officer was obviously in on the gig in the first place, I guess he couldn't find it in himself to allow me to eat that tray. He offered another, which I declined. I'm sure you all know it is highly unlikely to get any supervising official or outside authority to assist you or listen to your complaints as if they have merit. Society feels a prisoner gets what he or she got coming in here. So, to entertain the thought of complaining is futile and only arouses aggressive tactics toward you in the hours and days ahead. Emotions get you no where in prison. I don't care who you are, what nationality or what the situation may be. In dealing with barbaric and bestial mentalities in this type of predicament, one must take decisively wise tactics to combat this mistreatment. There is no exception to this rule!

I think the physical abuses of prisoners at I-MAX is far worse than any prison in the state of Michikkkan. For the time I was there, there was not a day that didn't go by that a convict wasn't rushed (jumped on) by the "good squad", or simply attacked by officers on a routine escort to or from the yard or shower. [SIC] Since the construction of the I-MAX facility in the late 1980's, a half dozen or more inmates have been seriously injured or lost their lives due to suspicious hanging in their cells. I say suspicious because most had their hands tied behind their backs or stuck behind their backs. An uncommon position for a hanging man.

I can recall an incident where a nice number of pigs went into a young brother's cell and beat him badly, as if they were in a dark alley and not a prison. They then handcuffed him and brought out of his cell. Though the window shutters stay shut night and day, ironically, the pigs made sure several of us watched as they picked this brother up and dropped him head first onto the floor. After all I've been through, looking back, if there were ever a stage where I wanted so much to take a pig out of existence, this incident was it. But trapped behind a door, no one could do anything to help this brother who couldn't have weighed more than 110 pounds.

Even though I'm no longer at that kamp, I can't help but feel pain for those left behind. Being down long enough has helped me to deal with these snakes without real physical harm ever being done to me, no matter what they come at me with, I know that I'm a lot stronger than they are. You komrades are, too! See, any man or woman who choose to work in a prison or place of confinement, is weak and inferior within. I agree with my comrade and good friend Jane Doe when she yells at those Cook County guards to quit their jobs, and cease feeding their family off of the misery, death and misfortune of another human. Amerikkka is a kountry that draws its so-called high morals and values and governing practices from a Christian standpoint. Just as Islam is the criteria governing method of making laws and rules apply in the Middle East and parts of Afrika. Christianity is a beautiful way of life when propagated in the likeness of Jesus Christ. I view Jesus the Messiah as a Prophet and the Revolutionary in its highest degree. His disciples (komrades) and he fought unrelentlessly and diligently against a tyrannical and oppressive government. Jesus wouldn't author the death of men and women in prison, as Ameirika does in God's name. Jesus was a prisoner himself at one time. Put before Amerika her inhumanities and contradictions, the death penalty and these labor kamps are the design of the wicked devils. Isn't a man or woman to be forgiven for their sins if they confess and repent to the Lord and those whom thy may have sinned against. "Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us." Oh, Amerikkka ... what hypocrisy!!! So when Paul of the Bible says we war not against flesh and blood, but against principality and powers and the rules of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness that is in high places .. making decisions to herd us who don't think or feel like you do, off to the slaughter like sheep, he was obviously referring to the most crazed government on the planet. I say us on purpose, because like I said earlier, ain't no telling when they'll come kick in your door or violate you and yours. Just think, it only would take some secret voting and signatures by these same animals that Paul in the Bible spoke upon to ignite martial law: the murder of outlaw (Revolutionary) minded civilians and all prisoners in this kountry by the military. The poor and nonwhite are obvious targets. (Cogitate).

Well komrades of the struggle, I must continue my eternal walk. But remember, they can hate me (you) now, but I (you) won't bow down!

This is war,

Komrade D'Shawn-X





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