AS OF FEBRUARY 28, 2000:

251 x 30 Days = 20+Years

Crime: Violation of Employment Contract Act, Class C Misdemeanor: 820 ILCS 115/1 et seq.




Adam Charles Maclean
Runs From Trouble, Hires Others to Do His Dirty Work

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS NAZI PIG? HE'S AN EXPLOITER FROM THE UK. Last known addresses: Wrox Press Inc., 29 S. Lasalle, Suite 520, Chicago, IL 60603 312-893-8000, General, 1-800-USE WROX for Wrox U.S., 312-893-8080, Current Direct Line to accomplice Robert Greenman, 312-893-8001, Fax

Wrox Ltd ,Arden House,1102 Warwick Road ,Birmingham, B27 6BH UK, 1-800-814-3461 for Wrox U.K., +44 (0)121 687 4101



Offenses accumulate 1 per day by Illinois Law. As of February 28, Adam Maclean has 251 offenses against the Employment Contract Act of Wage Payment and Collection Act. Each offense is punishable by 30 days in jail. Adam's up to 20 years ... perhaps a Class C Misdemeanor is tougher than it seems. So far, the toughest part has been to get a charge placed on the pig. I warned Adam Maclean from the get go that this just grows and grows until he's paid up. He didn't believe then, think he does now that he's facing 20?




Status of Complaint: Faxed, served on State February 21, 2000 and a copy mailed. Response: Go through police first. This is bull shit cover-up on part of the State, but this stage is now done.


February 21, 2000

To: State's Attorney, Branch 46

From: Gale Ahrens, 910 N. Wood, Chicago, IL, 60622, 773-227-9388

Re: Formal Complaint against Adam Maclean's criminal behavior towards her and a request for a charge and prosecution of Adam Maclean

Adam Maclean, Wrox Press Inc., 29 S. Lasalle, Suite 520, Chicago IL 60603, 312-893-8080

Please respond in writing to complainant with your decision regarding this complaint

Dear Prosecutors,

Please charge Adam Maclean of Wrox Press Inc. with breaking the law by his violation of the Employment Contract Act, 820 ILCS 115/1 et seq.: willful, intentional refusal to pay employee wages and benefits.*

Adam Maclean did not pay Gale Ahrens commissions owed during the quarter of her termination -- she was terminated at the end of a quarter: June 23, 1999. She was owed about $12,000 in commissions for that quarter, under Adam's usual underpayment scheme it would have been: $2,000.

Adam Maclean did not pay Gale Ahrens commission owed during an additional two quarters after her termination, the times when her sales efforts through June 23, 1999 were realized in the Wrox Academic market which she developed for Adam Maclean of Wrox Press -- we sold six months ahead in this market, selling for the spring in the fall and selling for fall in the spring. Through Adam Macleans' underpayment scheme, these three quarters amount to $6,000. Through fair payment by agreement of uncapped bonuses, Adam Maclean should have paid about $36,000 for these quarters.

Additionally, Adam Maclean did underpay Gale Ahrens on her commission for about a year. She was about 600% over target, meaning she should have received from Adam Maclean at the time of termination for sales commissions a total of about: $86,000. This would be provable by a professional audit of Wrox books.

Adam Maclean did not pay Gale Ahrens $131 on an expense report.

Adam Maclean did not pay Gale Ahrens $841.10 for earned vacation pay benefits and Adam Maclean told all of his employees that he would not pay vacation benefits at termination of an employee, a violation of Illinois law.

Adam Maclean did not pay Gale Ahrens $150 for her earned 1998 Christmas sales award that was put off in typical Adam Maclean fashion to August, 1999, by which time Gale Ahrens had been terminated.

Gale Ahrens lost personal items left behind at Wrox amounting to about $200 since Adam Maclean made Gale Ahrens leave nearly immediately upon her firing and did not offer her appropriate time to clear out her area and check the office for things like coats, umbrellas and mugs.

Gale Ahrens should have received at the time of her firing somewhere around $87,322.10 in real monies owed.

Gale Ahrens was fired on June 23, 1999 and has been asking Adam Maclean of Wrox nicely, strongly, emphatically. unnicely, loudly and notoriously to pay her her owed monies ever since. Wrox first refused and continued to refuse. Today marks 244 days, meaning that's 244 offenses committed by Adam Maclean of Wrox Press Inc. Were a miracle to happen, and Adam Maclean to be prosecuted for his unlawful acts, would that mean up to 30 days for each offense, or up to 20 years in prison for Adam Maclean?

In any case, please investigate Adam Maclean's unlawful withholding of Gale Ahrens' earned commissions and other monies for 244 days as of today.

You can investigate quickly by questioning Kathyleen Brooks, bookkeeper of Wrox and Chris Amos, salesman for Wrox of the Academic department and more thoroughly though a professional audit of Wrox Press books.

Thank you for your immediate and urgent attention to this matter, and have a good day!

If you need more information, Gale Ahrens can provide it. So, c'mon guys, what do you think? From what she knows of prosecution statistics, she'll bet you 10% of her commission due from Wrox, should she ever see it! that your stats could really, really, really use a white collar criminal case.

* From Ill Jur: Employee wages, benefits & hours

3:24. Penalties under Wage Payment and Collection Act

An employer or agent of an employer, able to pay wages, final compensation, or wage supplements, and who is under a duty to pay but who willfully refuses to pay as provided in the Wage Payment and Collection Act, or who falsely denies the amount or validity of the payment due, with the intent to secure the underpayment for himself or another, or with the intent to annoy, harass, oppress, hinder, delay, or defraud the person entitled to payment, is guilty of a Class C misdemeanor. each day during which the violation continues constitutes a separate offense.



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