Why in the Hell are These Prosecutors Running from Me
I'd Really Like to Know


"My Name's Not Patti"



"...the law, [the man from the country] thinks, should be accessible to anyone at any time ..." Franz Kafka, The Trial.

An attorney's "first duty is to the courts and the public, not to the client, and wherever the duties to his client conflict with those he owes as an officer of the court in the administration of justice, the former must yield to the latter." Corpus Juris Secundum, Attorney & Client, Vol. 7, Sec. 4..



The Justice Factory: Sixth Appearance On Charge:

Harassment by Telephone, and
Today is Game Time

February 24, 2000. Chicago, Branch 46, Courtroom 501. Case no: 99329469

Next Court Date: March 9, 2000: to ask for discovery, a bill of particulars and some other stuff

It's a busy day as usual in the system. I wait all morning and they never get around to calling my name. I figure they're saving me for last to slap me with contempt or something. Once recess has been called, I realize they won't be hearing me today. The Prosecutrix Patti Eshaei is there today but not Prosecutor Jeremy Brenman. Ms. Prosecutrix throws me lots of mad dog looks throughout the morning, but as usual those just bounce right off. Guess she thinks I'm there for fun. It's such a riot watching all the railroading of the ethnics and poor.

An activist associate is there with some support crew. He has a Defense Attorney, and she talks of being unable to get any paper. This is a young kid who got in trouble on a Free Mumia march. He would, as any activist would, be better off representing himself but he's young and scared. And this group of activists seems to think it's best to ride along with the system once they've charged you by using one of theirs. I do all I can to enlighten people this isn't the best way, but this is something you have to find out for yourself. His case has been continued, no small matter since we're in Chicago and he lives in Wisconsin.

It's recess, roll has been called and "just us" delivered for the morning. I approach Ms. Prosecutrix and say, "Patti, I'm supposed to be heard today," in which scenario Prosecutrix Eschaei said, "I'm not Patti," when not even two minutes earlier Ms. Eschaei had announced loudly for all in the court room to hear to another person, "I'm Patti Eschaei, E-s-h-a-e-i and my phone number is ...". So the defendant asked Prosecutrix, "Well, then what is your name?" and now we have a Prosecutrix named, "How can I help you?" "How can you help me? You can put on a black hood," say I.

I talk with the clerk for the judge who claims he knows nothing, yeah right, I also faxed last week additional motions into the judge that I wanted heard this morning and they would have gone to the clerk. He asks to see the motion I filed for today which I did not have with me and since I didn't have it, too bad for me. So I go to file a new motion hearing to "advance the case" as he calls it, serve it on him directly and the State's Attorney, where I also talk to the nameless receptionist. She claims she had nothing to do with the last motion but will be sure that today's motion will go to the right place. I tell her that I want to file a complaint against Patti Eshaei for lying. She gives me the title of a Deputy Supervisor.

"Does the Deputy Supervisor have a name?"

You never heard so much double talk, "Well, I can't give you a name because we're in the process of moving this over there and that around here and ..."

So at home, I write up another amendment to the motion on the incompetence of the prosecutors, which questions why are these powerful people running and hiding from me -- when I am completely powerless, outgunned and outmanned in their system? Suspicious!

So since cops can arrest someone who runs at the sight of them by rule of the U.S. Supreme Court because this is suspicious action -- does this mean that I can do a citizen's arrest on these prosecutors for running from me? Nah, dreaming once again. For a minute there I thought the law applied to everyone.



This is Jane Doe at the Justice Front 





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