We are the Pillars of Society, Spending Our Days
Railroading Minorities and the Poor,
Letting the Wealthy off the Hook --



"...the law, [the man from the country] thinks, should be accessible to anyone at any time ..." Franz Kafka, The Trial.

An attorney's "first duty is to the courts and the public, not to the client, and wherever the duties to his client conflict with those he owes as an officer of the court in the administration of justice, the former must yield to the latter." Corpus Juris Secundum, Attorney & Client, Vol. 7, Sec. 4..



The Justice Factory: Fifth Appearance On Charge:

Harassment by Telephone, and
I Get Another Charge Put on Me
by the Punishers

February 17, 2000. Chicago, Branch 46, Courtroom 501. Case no: 99329469

Next Court Date: February 24, 2000: to ask for discovery, a bill of particulars and some other stuff

Mr. Prosecutor and Ms. Prosecutrix are back to their zippy mad-dog selves today, their prosecutorial ire back up to zenith proportions and they have at it.

Last week, I sent out invoices to Wrox press and yesterday, I sent out several more emails to Wrox people, so they're charging me with further "unlawful" communications. As if! Freedom of speech unlawful? What about selective prosecution? If the REAL criminals in this case had been prosecuted from the get go, there would have been no communications at all to be judged by babylonian-speakers and tools for the rulings class as lawful or not. The prosecutor tries to take some short cuts on his new wrongful prosecution charge against me and the judge has to tell him how to do his job, further example of the prosecution's competence, I guess.

Wrox Press Inc.'s president, Bob Greenman is there for Wrox this morning, again, and signs a new complaint against me.

The judge is grumpy to me today, guess I've alienated him with my motions, which he called mostly frivolous, and that if I keep it up I'll be subject to sanctions. More "chill" on my freedom of speech rights, this time from someone who wields the club. I wonder which ones he considers frivolous. Where I ask for cures in the defects to this selective prosecution? Where I ask for competent prosecution? Where I ask for some paper work? Or maybe the ones where I'm looking for some consistency and professionalism out of numerous court apparatchiks. Or maybe the ones where I'm trying to be TREATED like I'm innocent until proven guilty. Or maybe the ones where I try to balance the scales of the little guy vs. all these Goliaths. I get the feeling though really that the judge didn't like my Exhibit I, the New York Times article about police and prosecutors being out of control.

So now, my motions that got the state to dismiss in the first place are now considered frivolous. Hmmm...this sort of behavior reminds me a lot of Adam. No wonder Adam's ridiculous charge against me carries weight and I get prosecuted while my charge against Adam, who stole money from me, goes nowhere. I'm fully aware of the Judge's tactic. It has nothing to do with truth or reality but everything to do with protecting his precious judicial system -- a system non-deserving of protection but there aren't many judges who would admit to that or would try to do anything about it, although there are some. Most of them retired in disgust.

Mr. Prosecutor says I should be put on an I- bond and finger-printed because someone from prison who is in on a murder charge contacted Adam in support of me.

I object to all this, don't get a chance to get heard on the facts that I did not contact Adam Maclean. The judge makes me sign two I-bonds, one for each charge. He tells me since I've showed up all except one time that I can have the I-bond. All but one time? This is a typical lawyer twist-the-truth tactic. I couldn't make it on one day on my own motion, notified the court and changed the date. Big deal. He didn't show up one time either, and didn't notify me. Is this democracy at work? I don't see it. I don't see the Judge signing I-bonds guaranteeing he'll be at my next hearing.

Anyway, he tells me we'll have a motions and jury selection hearing on May 15, 2000.

The punishers as usual make me wait until we're nearing the end of the session. Then I get to sign the I-bond. At least Mr. Greenman has to wait, too. My friend Lorenz tells me later that I should have added the words "under duress" beneath my name. No one takes my finger-prints, though. Later at home I find some order, not filled out correctly, to march myself to some police station and get finger-printed and mug-shot. Ha!

I start to leave and realize I didn't get the Prosecutors' names. So I ask Mr. Prosecutor his name. "Have a seat," is his answer. Odd, I heard someone call him Jeremy.

Then I see Ms. Prosecutrix in the hall and ask her her name. "I don't have to tell you," she says. Hmmm, again. Odd names, these prosecutors. "Do you get to wear a black mask, too?" I ask her. I go to their offices on the fourth floor and ask the receptionist. I get the name Jeremy Brenman and Patti Eshaei. I think, since these names are written on a piece of paper and the writing isn't clear.

I stop at the Clerk's to request another hearing to see about getting my Bill of Particulars and Discovery. As I go upstairs to serve the State, I run into Prosecutor Jeremy. He assures me I'll get Discovery, tells me he can't talk to me about the case, but does say when he moved to dismiss it's the first time he had anything to do with the case.

Once home, I call the State's Attorney office for clarification on the name spelling. When I do, the receptionist does not agree to give me the correct spelling. She tells me that she wrote them clearly. Every worker in this building seems to have the same snotty, fascist-like attitude. Let's face it, they're not there to serve the people, satisfaction guaranteed. They're fascist cogs of a well-oiled machine that keeps a corrupt and spiritually bankrupt society running "smoothly" by increasingly harming the little guy and letting big crooks off. We've given them way too much power over us, and that is our fault -- and something we will ultimately have to answer for. She passes me to a Clerk who passes me back to the State's Attorney receptionist. I speak to her superior, David someone, and he refuses to give me any information, saying it's up to the judge whether or not I can have their names. I ask him if this is law, he just repeats it's up to the judge. I ask him if he keeps black hoods in his drawers, too.

Today, neither the Prosecutors nor the judge will look me in the eye. I smell collusion! No big deal, I expected it and that's all anyone ever gets in court proceedings. Mr. Greenman, well I don't know about him because I refuse to give him the satisfaction of even recognizing him but I doubt that he can look me in the eye either. He sold his soul ages ago, so selling just another piece of it off to pay his daughter's dowry -- no big deal. Yet, he wants to be considered some kind of big shot and hero. We'll see what kind of hero his proclaimed spiritual icon, Jesus Christ, considers him.

So again, just another arbitrary day in the arbitrary courts with one set of rules for the people and another for the authorities. Besides being Kafka-esque, Peruvian, apartheid South African and Third-Riech like, the Courts also borrow from Alice-in-Wonderland. The best justice system in the world, they say. It's incredible anyone can say this with a straight face, but if they do, it only shows their blindness to reality.

The next day, I write more motions, not believing them to be frivolous. I want a conference with the judge, a separate hearing for my motions and Discovery and a Bill of Particulars.

As Queen Bee, I hereby order every judge to watch the movies Judgment at Nuremberg and Orson Wells The Trial.



This is Jane Doe at the Justice Front 





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