Rulers Don't Have to Obey, Just Us,
But They Call It Justice



"...the law, [the man from the country] thinks, should be accessible to anyone at any time ..." Franz Kafka, The Trial.

An attorney's "first duty is to the courts and the public, not to the client, and wherever the duties to his client conflict with those he owes as an officer of the court in the administration of justice, the former must yield to the latter." Corpus Juris Secundum, Attorney & Client, Vol. 7, Sec. 4..



The Justice Factory: Fourth Appearance On Charge:

Harassment by Telephone,
I'm There to Demand Trial but there's No Judge:
So, Case Continued

February 10, 2000. Chicago, Branch 46, Courtroom 501. Case no: 99329469

Next Court Date: February 17, 2000

In our last episode, the state wanted to deny placing charges on me after first placing charges on me, SHOW ME NO PAPER, and then kick my butt as they threw me out the door after they've dragged me through their intimidating spook house muck-a-muck that vampires from Hell built.

I don't go along with this, file a motion to demand trial and am before the judge for this motion to demand trial today.

First I stop at the Clerk's office to file more motions. She gives me a fight, not wanting to accept my order forms for the judge for filing.

One elevator remains out of service at the 13th & Michigan courthouse, there's the usual mob of people everywhere and the sea of faces is black and brown as always. In the courtroom, my judge is nowhere to be seen. Every one sits and waits, nothing is said to us about why it's 20 minutes after the starting time of 9 and that there still is no judge.

Wrox Press Inc.'s president, Bob Greenman is there for Wrox this morning, since Adam Maclean, the complainant, ran back to his imperial homeland, the U.K., where his subjects will all submit and bow down to him in submission no matter what abusive, sadistic and psychotic things he does to them. Most of his U.K.'ers will just bend over nicely and ask for more, just don't forget the tea and crumpets and then we can all get along, and yes, please, please, exploit me some more. Guess Adam sent Greenman because Adam's already tired of paying lawyers, or the lawyers are sick of him and this case, seeing as how I'll be turning them ALL in for misconduct. Remember, lawyers commit misconduct while the rest of us commit crimes. Still, lawyers don't want that "blemish" on their records, never mind what they do to ours.

Mr. Prosecuting Attorney and his prickly Prosecutrix-in-training send some bad vibes my way but mostly act like the attack dogs in retreat that they are. I'll have to stop using these animal metaphors, after all, I'm a vegetarian and don't believe in giving animals a bad name. Mr. Prosecutor takes Mr. Greenman off into a side conference area and Mr. Greenman leaves.

I'm sitting next to a woman there who is with her teen-aged son who is in some sort of trouble. They are scared to death and view this disgusting pig system as contemptible, as does everyone there except of course the ruling class and their punishers. She doesn't quite know what to do, can't afford an attorney, is worried about the public defender and doesn't feel confident going Pro Se. My heart bleeds for these people, but what can I do? I struggle daily for some legal revolution but the masses of people are sold on the idea of submission to fascism only to be later surprised at how that fascism feeds upon itself and just keeps growing. And I guarantee that on that one fine day when we find ourselves in the center of some world holocaust, everyone will be asking, "How did this happen?"

My judge, Judge William O'Malley, who after all did advise me to Demand Trial, isn't there today, he's in a meeting. The punishers keep me there through most of the morning's session, passing over my case the first time it's called on some flimsy excuse and once we're finally up before the substitute judge, the judge can't rule on anything because it's O'Malley's case. We reschedule. But first I asks Mr. Prosecutor for his business card. He says he doesn't have one. I ask the stenographer for hers. She doesn't have one, either. Are they going to start wearing hoods over their faces next?

The judge reprimanded defendants who asked for continuances because their lawyers weren't there and made these accused stay until the end of the session as punishment. This is because their lawyers did not contact the court, a lot of people were put out to be there that day, like the complainants, their witnesses and whoever else, and the judge doesn't necessarily believe that the defendant has a lawyer at all.

So as usual, one rule for us and another for them. Was I contacted that Judge O'Malley wouldn't be there today? No, but I have to take the Court's word that he's in a meeting. Never mind all the trouble I went through to get there, the people that went out of their ways for me to be there, that's just too bad. Come again another day. So, just another arbitrary day in the arbitrary courts with one set of rules for the people and another for the authorities.


This is Jane Doe at the Justice Front 





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