The Wall of U.S.A. Inhumanity

The USA Prison and Jail Population: 1.9 Million and Growing

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John Doe
Lobotomized while in
prison at Springfield
MO Federal Facility.
This site is dedicated
to him and all the
other John Does.

Patrick Swiney
Falsely accused of

Gary Waid
In on marijuana
charges, in trouble
for reporting beatings





Mike Moncer

Jeffrey Dicks
Died from medical
neglect. Pictured with
his mother, Shirley.

Ali Kahlid Abdullah
For fighting for a
better world.





Tony Moncer

Leonard Peltier

Mumia Abdul Jamal





Mark Barnsely

Khalfani X. Khaldun

Sekou Cinque t.m. Kambui






Oscar Lopez Rivera

John Hammar







D'Shawn-X McGhee

Harold Thompson




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