& Active Path, Too!


Jane Doe Strikes Back
Against Wrox Imperialist Bullies

Wrox Thought They Could Steal from Jane and Walk Away with the Spoils, Nothing to It.
That's What They Get for Thinking!


Jane worked for Wrox for two years and alone built them from scratch a multi-million dollar department.


"I can unbuild what I built. Wrox owners call themselves Christians, yet they returned evil for good, broker numerous commandments (the real laws) and they engaged in deception and fraud. These acts go against Christian orthodoxy. A Christian's God says when you commit such transgressions, you must not only restore what you stole, you must add to it. Let's go, Wrox Christians. Where's the payback? Or are you bigger than your God as well as bigger than your employees?" Jane.

Oh, Well, They've Forced Me Into It. A $136 Million Precedent

Thanks Guys, for All the Legal Advice! Wrox General Release Document

This Case Against Evil Imperialists Will Stay Alive: Assignees Document

Intent to Sue Letter to Wrox Attorney



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The Civil Courts: Today's Battlefield, and There's Nothing Civilized About It.