Make The Giant Superstore
Booksellers Expert about
the Wrox Boycott!!

These duped big booksellers have partnered with Wrox Press, the publisher that breaks contracts and agreements with its workers and steals its workers commissions after firing them (wrongful termination). The publisher that fires successful workers so that the owners/managers can have full reign and enjoyment over the spoils of the workers' labor.

These are partnerships Wrox established to get their books into MORE stores and consumers hands. These Wrox Expert Stores need to know that the word on Wrox is out and the word against Wrox grows daily: no matter how good or not good their books are, publishers who cheat their workers don't deserve business.

Let these giants know that you protest Wrox' treatment of its workers and that you support an International Boycott against Wrox and Active Path.





Barnes and Noble

Mike Ferrari
8006 Madison Pike
New York, NY

also to computer book buyer


Computer Books Buyer


Carla Bahya
Computer Books Buyer
Ann Arbor MI



Computer Books Buyer


Computer Books Buyer



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