Those of you who've entered into the assignee/assignor agreement with me: I'll be forwarding you documentation consistently to use in this case and amendments to the witness list as well as amendments to the assignee list.

I am suing Wrox Press on every cause Wrox mentions in their General Release Document. Additionally, I am suing on their defrauding me of my commissions, awards and outstanding expense reports at the time of my termination, on malicious prosecution and on various and sundry other misdeeds, breaches of contract, deceptions, and personal injuries.

I have 2 years on some issues (such as wage disputes and personal injuries, 5 years on others (such as breach of express and implied contracts) to file, according to the Illinois Statutes of Limitation. June 23, 1999 is the start date of my termination, and I want to have this suit filed within the next few months. I have no intention of taking 2 years, but we are in legal land now thanks to the arrogant goons. You'll get a copy of the final suit as soon as it's filed, but will consistently receive drafts before that time.

According to 735ICLS 5/2-403(a), the assignee and owner of a nonnegotiable chose in action may sue on it in his or her own name.

For those of you still considering being an assignee, what follows is the basic agreement. If you have any problems or questions, contact me at -  Gale aka Jane Doe

Claim for Damages

     In the event of my incapacitation or death and in exchange for value received, I, _______ of ________ [address], as assignor, assign and transfer to _____ of ______ [address], as assignee, _________[his or her] legal representatives and assigns, for ____ [him or her] and their use and benefit, any and all sums of money now due or owing to me and all claims, demands and cause or causes of action of whatsoever kind and nature, that I have had, now have, or may have against Adam Maclean of Wrox Press, Inc., 29 S. Lasalle, Suite 520, Chicago, IL 60603, and/or David Maclean of Wrox Ltd., Arden House, 1102 Warwick Road, Birmingham, B27 6BH, UK or any other person or persons, whether jointly or severally, arising out of or for, any loss, injury, or damage sustained by me in connection with my Wrongful Termination and/or malicious prosecution by the Macleans of Wrox.

     This assignment is without recourse, and assignor does not guarantee payment of the claim assigned. Assignor agrees, however, that in the event any payment under the claim is made to assignor, assignor will promptly tranmit the payment to assignee.

     Assignor appoints assignee, ____[his or her] legal representatives and assigns, the attorney of assignor with power to demand and receive satisfaction of the claim hereby assigned, and, in the name of assignor, but at assignee's expense, to take whatever legal action may be necessary to enforce the claim.

     Assignee understands that _____ [he or she] is not the only assignee to the claim. Assignee agrees that all assignees will divide the claim equally, after provable and reasonable legal expenses incurred by any assignees on behalf of the claim are first deducted from the claim amount to those assignees incurring the expenses.

     Dated: _______. Signed: ____________________







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