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An Ugly Labor Story
That Keeps Getting Uglier.

"Wrox has tried to take down my site, they continually hack my computer files, they've assaulted me and they're prosecuting me. They're disrupting my business and my life. My father died even as Wrox was bringing up charges against me. Meanwhile my case against Wrox just grows and grows. They think I won't sue because I despise the "just us" legal system. They are wrong, as usual. We'll just see how much they enjoy that arena." - Jane Doe

Jane Doe

"Never, EVER Let 'Em Get By With It!!! "íNunca! íJamas!"

grrrl-ella fighter against known Corporate Criminal, Wrox!


History of Wrox Attacks Against Jane Doe

On or around:

May 28, 1999: Jane Is First Told That the Academic Department She Built Wrox, Alone and From Scratch, is Targeted for a Takeover.
The story with a request for your help in a boycott.

A sample boycott letter from prisoner support.

Businesses to contact: Spread the Word!!

Wrox Contacts.

June 23, 1999: Jane Resists Takeover and Is Fired.
Wrox refuses to give salesmen contracts at hire. Wrox wants this contract at termination: The Wrox General Release Document.

September 21, 1999: Wrox Prosecutes Jane Doe on Criminal Harassment by Telephone Charges

September 23, 1999: Wrox Assaults Jane Doe
Amy Greenman Attacks Jane at protest.

October 1, 1999: Wrox Tries to Take Down Jane's Site

Jane's ISP Sides with Freedom of Speech and Supports Her.

October 5, 1999: Wrox Tries to Control Email Contact Information on Jane's Site
Jane Makes Some Changes at ISP's Request



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