Boycott (Where Possible) and Protest
Industries Profiting From The Prison Industry

Here are a few. Watch this space for more names. Do whatever you can do. Our economy is so dependent upon prison slave labor (just as in Nazi Germany), it would be impossible to live without supporting some business or service that profits from prison labor.

ActivePath Press*

American Express



Eddie Bauer

General Electric







Texas Instruments

Wrox Press*


*While working at Wrox Press, I nearly got involved in selling our books to educators of prisoners, who came to me wanting to buy our books. At first I thought it was a good idea. After talking to prisoners, they said no. That Wrox should give the books. I got the "blue flu" when it was time to go sell our books to these educators. I had planned at Wrox to develop a policy of no sales of our books to prisoners or their educators, but to give them our damaged books, which just sit around costing distribution space anyway. I didn't have time to develop this policy before Wrox' hostile takeover of my department. Since there is no one there with a conscience about this issue now, I'm sure they're moving ahead into selling their books into this industry. - Jane Doe.





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