Blast NASA's Insane Plan to Bomb the Moon

"But, for myself, the Earth's records had taught me to look for widest ruin as the price of highest civilization." Edgar Allan Poe

The idiot savants at NASA to justify their job security and salaries have decided to bomb the Moon. And not just at any ole place, they've targeted her South pole, on her dark side. Supposedly these scientists have determined that the Moon's poles deep down contain water and the best way to prove it is to nuke her. The proof will be in the "efecta" and plumes that the bomb causes. But get this, the mad scientists won't be able to observe most of the effects of the bombing with a telescope since they're bombing the dark side but will rely on a shepherding spacecraft that lags behind the bomb to snap photos, and this spacecraft has four minutes to do its job before crash landing into the Moon. This is how "well" they've planned it all out. A horrifying project with a $79 million price tag according to one source and up to $600 million according to others, supposedly it's the cheapest NASA mission ever at the wee $79 million figure. What a bargain price while most of us can't get healthcare or pay our mortgages these days. It's termed, as usual in alphabets, the LCROSS mission: Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite. The mission was launched on June 18, 2009. The spacecraft is going to orbit earth until it finds its target. M-day is supposed to be October 8 or 9, 2009, if all goes according to plan. Hardly anybody in the general public knows about the LCROSS mission but everyone I've mentioned it to considers it insane. But then here's some of the Internet chatter about it:

"And despite all the serious scientific talk about hydrogen signatures and lunar regolith, flying a rocket booster into the Moon at 5,600 mph to trigger a massive explosion is just flat-out cool." Mike Swift, Mercury News, Posted: 06/15/2009

Yeah, Mike, you're real swift all right. You want to bomb the Man in the Moon? Do you also think bombing babies in Iraq is just flat-out cool? What about wife beating because how cool is that!

On chat site:

"What "public discussion"? Why should there be a "public discussion" about a NASA experiment?" Blackflame


"As for NASA doing it, why not? Have something against exploration?" Blackbear

For those who think Astrology is superstition or a gimmick to sell newspapers, what do you think of Astronomy now? Astrology is simply Astronomy with wisdom attached, it's alchemy applied to the celestial bodies, of which each of us also is, a celestial body, made of Moon dust and star dust blended with some ocean spit. And conversely Astronomy is Astrology with no wisdom whatsoever, just knowledge and ignorance in some sort of marriage from hell. Astrology is a regard and recognition that everything in the Universe (or Multiverse) affects every other thing in the Universe and that everything in the Universe is alive. In the ancient days, there was no separation of Astronomy and Astrology. Today, where ignorance rules just about everything, it's the astronomers who are bombing the Moon, not the astrologers. If there is any one astrologer out there who thinks this is flat-out cool, me and my frontal lobotomy tools want to meet you.

Whether or not Blackflame was being ironic when she said, "Why should there be a public discussion?" she has a good point. What public discussion? According to traditional Astrology, only an ancient science that the Catholics threw out of the church so you know there's gotta be something to it and that the likes of Isaac Newton studied, the Moon rules the general public, shouldn't the general public have something to say about what some Frankenstein scientists have in mind for the Moon? Who are some of these concerned members of the general public? How about Cancers, people born under the influence of the Astrological sign ruled by the Moon (and if you've ever really known any Cancers and studied Astrology for more than 15 minutes, you'd never doubt the efficacy of Astrology again). Infants and women, also special benefactors of the Moon's influence, shouldn't they get a vote? Oceans and weather patterns, plants, all sorts of living things just might want to join in on this discussion … maybe if we hadn't committed massive genocide against the Indians on U.S. soil, we'd remember how to talk to the animals and all living things, let them in on the public discussion. Or maybe that's a job best left for Dr. Doolittle these days. Lunatics might want a say not to forget werewolves, coyotes and the Cow who jumped over the Moon.

As for bombing the Moon being a necessary part of exploration, Blackbear, as Lucy Parsons would say, you just challenge my contempt. Historically, what has been the purpose of exploration? For exploitation of resources and for colonization without regard to ecosystems or indigenous peoples. Only people with colonized minds believe these things are positive and that this type of "progress" is beneficial to anyone other than exploiters and to them then only in the short term.

After we've already destroyed so many life forms on this planet, after we have abused our Mother Earth so thoughtlessly in the pursuit of so-called "progress", now we're moving on to Grandmother.  Even the most ignorant Republican or Democratic parrot realizes that when you do one thing to this planet (or in this case to this solar system), it affects many other things. People, even the general public that includes Moonbeams and loonies and characters of all sorts, understand the concept of the butterfly effect or the pebble in the lake effect.

Bombing the Moon is no butterfly or pebble. It's a hostile, war like violent attack and intrusion upon our closest and dearest celestial neighbor.  Does any love song or poem worth its salt not mention the Moon? Who can take a walk in the Moonlight with a lover and not feel the romance to your very soul?

You cannot violently attack the Moon in the name of science and not expect violent repercussions in some form or another. "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction." Newton. We promise you, the Man in the Moon, and any other lunar critters that may exist there are not going to be happy about this. And neither are we.

In real ways and in subtle, subconscious, psychic and symbolic ways, the bombing of the Moon augurs many things. The very fact of the disregard of public discussion of this decision says it all. The general public is a body that is going to take a lot more abuse and assaults and forms of control from the fascist rulers that control Mother Earth and have for far too many thousands of years. The same for infants, women, domestic home life, all are going to take a hit. Feminists for years have preached about violence against women. We're going to see violence against women the feminists never dreamed about as well as far more women becoming militant, soldiers and all that stuff which is also inherently violent. How this bombing will affect the oceans, all bodies of water, the tides, fluids in our own bodies that then affect our kidneys and livers, our emotions, our eyes, our dreams, wombs and rooms, blood diseases, circulatory problems, the growth of about everything, the list is no doubt endless. Anger, all the road rages in the world and the mass shootings, these will all get a nice little prod of encouragement from the Universal alchemical shockwaves. Envision water and fire together in a pressure cooker, the Moon being water and the bomb fire. How it will affect other celestial bodies also influenced by the Moon is something we should absolutely 100% not have to endure, even if the equal and opposite reactions barely seem visible at first and become just death by a thousand cuts. The first time you take a drink of water after the bombing of the Moon just in case we can't stop this atrocity (whether it's October 8 or some other date), you just reflect upon what exactly it is you're now drinking.

Oh, the NASA mad (but proud!) bombers will try blaming any ill effects on countless other things and most will probably believe these lies themselves and have most of their brainwashed fans the likes of Swift and Blackbear believing them, too. Then they and other Frankensteins will come up with new Frankenstein ways to "cure" the problems they created and on and on … but we know where the blame lies.

We live in this Universe just as surely as we live on this planet.  Our subconscious minds are more linked to the Moon than any other celestial body including the Sun which is more symbolic of our conscious minds. At night, when the Moon rules, we sleep and we can easily visit the Moon in our sleep. The Moon is our night light, our blanket, our Grandmother, our mother, women, infants, domestic life, tides, bodies of water, liquids, circulation, comfort, nurturing, Remedios Varo paintings and so much more. We are created from Moon dust… so let's attack it in pursuit of water! Yeah, and aim it right at her South Pole. Yeah, flat out cool.

So, let's assume ignorance will rule the day and NASA successfully bombs our Grandmother. What can we as Surrealists or Astrologers or naturalists or Primitive Anarchists or Primitives or Greens or Pagans or Cancers or psychics or UFO groupies or other concerned members of the general public with functioning brain cells do?

We need to communicate to the Moon, talk to her like we talk to our dogs or plants. Prepare her for this shock and wound as best we can. Talk to her in our dreams, trances or meditations, that's even better. Hold her, send out imaginative protective shields (auras) to her, put our dream bodies out there in front of the bomb. Imagine all sorts of things going wrong with the bombing, encourage her to increase her own magnetic shield. Sing to her. Give her back just a tiny portion of all that she has done for us.

Should the mad bombers at NASA succeed, we soothe her, we bandage her, we hold the hand of the Man in the Moon, if he still has one and if not we make him a prosthetic. We implore other celestial bodies and entities to aid her. We don't let her endure this atrocity or any aftermath alone. We promise her we will do everything that we can to help heal her and to prevent any further such stupid, barbaric, idiotic, short-sighted man made violent attacks upon her sovereignty. Then, we join the Voluntary Human Extinction Society where we vow not to reproduce.





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