The Rule of Law is Criminal


Robert Lederman. See



By Anthony Rayson

I am not a libertarian. I am an anarchist. I don't think the "rule of law" is anything but a cover for massive criminality and legalized, highly organized violence.

In a thoroughly sick society, many people act in a self-destructive, addictive and sometimes harmful to others manner. Kidnapping them and sentencing them to long, arbitrary, oblivious to guilt or innocence sentences, heavily weighted as to race and the ability to pay lawyers, is criminal.

Warehousing them in a hopeless, brutal environment, complete with assault, rape, deprivation, slave labor, hopelessness, etc. is all the more criminal.

No matter how many millions you imprison, "criminal" behavior, as defined by the breaking of one or more of millions of "laws" will not cease.

The system in capitalism is based on theft. The theft of labor, the rape of the environment, the theft of life of foreigners who challenged "our" markets.

You can never talk reason into a system strung out on the lust for more -- they're beyond greedy -- they're crack addicts and their crack is money and power.

As the U.S. military government escalates into WWIII, the Nazis at home will accelerate the repression of domestic citizenry and increasingly cattle-car young blacks and other youths into their wildly expanding gulag system.

The only "law" I have much respect for in this unfolding spectacle is that all such evil empires have met yet thoroughly deserved, complete demise. Sickeningly, the slaughtering of innocents is vastly increased. In fact, America's downfall may very well drag down all life forms on this earth!

In a letter to William Wendt on April 29, 1999





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