Agreement Faxed to State and Court March 10, 2000. Rejected on March 16, 2000.





The People of State of Illinois,



Gale A










No. 99329469


NOW COMES the defendant, Gale A., by pro se, and still upon her word as a Judaic-Christian and under penalties of perjury as in numerous filings in this case before a notary and requests the court and the state to help speedily dispose of this case and upon mutual agreements attained by the State, Adam Maclean, Robert Greenman, and Gale A. and she states:

  1. That on her way to Court on March 9, 2000 she went to mail her complaints to their brother discipline organizations against a certain prosecutor and judge of Branch 46 concerning their conduct in causing the defendant an illegal incarceration, but her local post office was not yet open.
  2. That she did not mail the complaints after the court session due to the offer made to her in open court that the court and state will try to facilitate a speedy disposition of this case.
  3. That should the case indeed speedily conclude through the state, Maclean and Greenman coming to a settlement agreement with the defendant, she will not mail these complaints.
  4. That she has already mailed into the U. S. Department of Justice their copies of her complaints.
  5. That she will immediately notify the U. S. Department of Justice that her complaints have been satisfactorily cured and she will offer to them praise about the system of the Cook County Courts and States Attorneys offices for correcting their processes speedily, appropriately and quite properly.
  6. That some members of the media and human rights groups have already been notified about her illegal incarceration should the state and/or court get any inquiries from them, and from her end, she will handle them as she does the U. S. Department of Justice as mentioned in paragraph 5.
  7. That she will forego Federal Civil Rights litigation for the considerable damages caused her in her illegal incarceration, as it is her personal and religious belief to avoid litigation if at all possible and not to use it unless forced into it.
  8. That she expects all things fully expunged from her criminal processing at Cook County jail, including but not limited to:
    1. fingerprints
    2. photographs
    3. medical examine results
    4. D.O.C. records indicating that she has been charged with two counts of Domestic Battery

    but that she demands the above items NOT be expunged in the event settlements between she and the complainants and the state cannot be reached and would consider such a happening tampering with evidence, obstructing of justice and further cause of misconduct by certain prosecutors with the States Attorneys Office.

  9. That she receive back her $500 bail bond money and that no "errors" in this processing result in her arrest by sheriffs, police, bondsmen and/or any other authority or quasi authority and that she receives no further harm from this incident.
  10. That this affidavit agreement is in effect only upon agreed upon settlements of the state, the complainants and her and that there is a speedy disposition of this case which includes a dropping of all charges against the defendant and complete dismissal of this case with prejudice and if these settlements cannot be reached, this affidavit is to be considered null and void.

Defendant, Pro Se






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