April 25, 1998

Just Cause for Legal Revolution
Any town, USA

The International Court of Justice
The Peace Palace
Carnegieplein 2
2517 KJ The Hague, The Netherlands

Fax no: 31.70.3649928

Dear International Court of Justice,

The enclosed report documents our objective conditions in support of seeking the following from your court. (More can be found at numerous USA legal reform web sites on the Internet.) More documentation and signed petitions will follow under separate cover.

1. Your declaration that the United States of America's (USA) entire judicial system is a systemic violation of basic human rights standards for the judiciary;


2. your appointment of a special rapporteur to negotiate the abolishment of the current USA judicial system and existing USA legal codes, statutes and programs, federal and state and county, with USA authorities, federal and state and county;


3. your aid in the establishment of a new and just system for the USA in the civil and criminal arenas of the judiciary under the auspices and oversight of ordinary USA citizen legal reform representatives;


4. your bringing to trial for crimes against humanity and criminal malfeasance, misfeasance and/or nonfeasance by past and current USA leaders holding the following positions of authority - including but not limited to - the USA President, the Speaker of the House, the Minority and Majority Leaders of Congress, members and leaders of the Judiciary Oversight Committee, the USA Supreme Court Justice and Associate Justices, State Supreme Court Justices and Associate Justices and/or their equivalents, the Attorney General and Assistant Attorneys General, State Governors, State Attorneys, President of the American Bar Association and Presidents of State Bar Associations and Judicial Grievance Committees and/or their equivalents, deans of all USA law schools.




Jane Doe


Report Attached:

Citizens' Report
on the United States of America's

Judicial System

A Systemic Violation of Basic Human Rights Standards for the Judiciary

Facts from the US Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) and various mainstream news reports.

The Criminal System

  • The United States of America (USA) incarcerates over 1.7 million people, more than any other industrialized nation in the world. In 1995, over 5 million (1 of every 33 adults) were in the clutches of the justice system (probation, parole, incarceration). And the rate is growing.
  • If recent incarceration rates remain unchanged, an estimated 1 of every 20 persons (5.1%) will serve time in a prison during their lifetime. (From BJS web site.)
  • Between the years 1985 and 1995, the incarceration rate nearly doubled.
  • The USA is growing prisons at a rate of about 10% per year.
  • The current recidivism rate is around 50 to 60%. (This means that our current system of crime/punishment is a failure and that rehabilitation is not an objective.)
  • Of the 1.7+ million people incarcerated, 50% are blacks. Blacks are incarcerated at seven times the rate of whites, Hispanics about three times the rate of whites.
  • Lifetime chances of a person going to prison are higher for men (9%) than for women (1.1%), blacks (16.2%) and Hispanics (9.4%) than for whites (2.5%). (From BJS web site.) (This means that the USA prison/industrial complex is racist, classist and sexist against men.)
  • Based on current rates of first incarceration, an estimated 28% of black males will enter state or federal prison during their lifetime, compared to 16% of Hispanic males and 4.4% of white males. (From BJS web site.)
  • Super Max prisons are opening at a higher and faster rate than other prisons. They cost millions of dollars to build and operate. These hire about two workers for every one prisoner. Conditions in these prisons are inhumane and torturous where prisoners are denied socialization with other inmates, treated brutally and denied so-called privileges such as recreation. Executions (state sponsored murders) are carried out in the Super Maxes. These systems have been created by prison officials with no input from psychologists or sociologists but with the aid of statesmen looking to show they're tough on crime. No branch of the legal system or governmental system has attempted to stop these systems or their growth.
  • Towns compete for prisons for economic purposes. This means prisons are concentration camps.
  • Prisoners are increasingly forced to work and forced to pay for their incarceration and basic needs such as medical. Their "rent" usually costs the same as their "prison pay". This is slavery.
  • State officials celebrate the opening of prisons with ribbon-cuttings, balloons, campaign-like buttons and tax dollars to the coffers of the town. This is an obscenity.
  • States are passing laws to try children as adults and to mete out adult punishments to children, including the death penalty.
  • Most prisoners of any type of facility are denied conjugal visits with spouses and/or are denied maintaining family/community ties.
  • Blacks make up 12% of the population, but 38% of those receiving the death penalty.
  • Bacre Waly Ndiaye, a UN investigator, reported to the UN Commission on Human Rights that the USA is unfair, arbitrary and racist in the use of the death penalty. (The USA is also sexist against men and classist in the use of the death penalty.)
  • State and federally, there are two rules of law: one for citizens (we must obey the law) and one for officials (the laws don't apply to them). This is proven in the number of blue collar prosecutions (ordinary citizens of limited income and for the vast part, men of colored races) versus white collar prosecution (citizens in authoritarian positions or high positions of business). No one believes that there are truly less white collar crimes than blue collar crimes being committed, if anything, most of us are aware that quite the opposite is true.

The USA Civil System

  • Chief Justice Warren Burger has proclaimed that 85% of attorneys are incompetent or corrupt, yet disbarment rates of attorneys are minuscule and prosecution of our attorneys is even less than that.
  • Attorneys, judges and justices regulate and police themselves through secret societies that by their own laws are not open to the public.
  • Attorneys, judges and justices call the crimes they commit in civil cases irregularities and/or unethical conduct and do not prosecute each other except under rare circumstances.
  • Attorneys take an oath to uphold the judicial system over the rights of a client. This is in their Corpus Juris Secundum, Attorney & Client, Volume 7, Section 4.
  • When an ordinary citizen is harmed by an attorney, judge and or justice in a civil action, he has nowhere to turn. Bar associations, grievance committees and superior law enforcement agencies turn deaf ears. This is in order to protect the institution of the judiciary and the various law enforcement agencies.
  • Despite objective evidence and paper trails presented by attorney/judge-harmed citizens that contain attorney and judge signatures and fingerprints all over the place, citizen complaints usually have the result of causing the complaining citizen further harm.
  • Attorneys known to have committed "irregularities" become presidents of Bar Associations.
  • Chief Justice Rehnquist of the USA Supreme Court abused his brother-in-law's trust fund (reported in The New York Times). Rather than bring an impeachment, Congress approved Rehnquist's appointment to Chief Justice after this report was publicized. Criminal charges were not brought against Rehnquist.

USA Lawyer Tyranny In General

  • "Lawyers use their privileged position in our system to intimidate ... too often the rule of law turns into the rule of lawyers," Paul Schott Stevens at an American Bar Association Meeting.
  • Several attorneys of high position such as Alan M. Dershowitz are on record of having said that legal reform is necessary, but can only come from the outside.
  • Attorneys use "legalese" language that only they can understand, though many times one lawyer cannot understand another. Yet lawyers require companies such as insurance companies to write policies that meet readability tests.
  • County, state and federal branches of governments are run by a majority of lawyers. Federally at the least this is criminal as the Constitution created three separate branches of government, not one (the Judiciary.)
  • Lawyers control most business, serving on boards and advisory positions of the large companies. Middle-size companies, small companies and non-business organizations as well are coerced into relying on lawyer advice. Lawyer "opinions" carry more weight and the phrase, "Are you a lawyer?" is their typical simplistic reply used to control, intimidate and dominate over others.
  • USA attorneys have acquired monies to spread the USA system of (non)justice world-wide. They are advising countries, especially unstable countries, across the globe. They're crawling all over the Latin American countries, Africa and Eastern Europe in a variety of funded programs (pograms), such as the Sullivan Program.
  • This line was taken directly from a web site about (illegal legal) forfeiture abuses, "Forfeiture victims are encouraged to submit their stories - but only after consulting with their attorneys." (Emphasis is Just Cause for Legal Revolution's.)
  • Police brutality and corruption is rampant across the USA. This is a direct result of lawyer-led policies to "criminalize" black and Hispanic communities through targeted drug wars and other illegal legal "wars" against these communities. Police brutality and corruption go unpunished by superior law enforcement agencies since police comprise the bottom rung of the ladder of our "lawyer state". The blue collar authorities receive the same protection as the white collar authorities. White collar "police" (USA federal agents and officers) also commit abuses against citizens that go unpunished (Waco is the latest well-known incident).






Please collect signatures on the enclosed petition and send it along with any documentation you have proving our objective conditions to The Hague World Court.

"These prisons are being built for us." -Activist

Petitioners to the International Court of Justice to declare the United States of America's (USA) entire judicial system a systemic violation of basic human rights standards for the judiciary:








































































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