Aaron Patterson Must Go FREE!!
Mannie & Kitchen, Too.

Many of us expected an August 19th hearing for Aaron, that was changed to August 17th so we missed it, by mistake or intent or circumstance ... all I've found to date is that you had to go through an "identity" background check to get into KKKourt. And that the judge made Fred Hampton turn his FREE AP shirt inside out. Next time, wear the shirt again and if ordered to turn it inside out, quite respectfully object and ask if your constitutional rights end at the KKKourtroom door ... that worked for me once but that was before 911, the Patriot Act, etc.

To come: The Aaron Patterson Story and How He Resisted Torture in Chicago's Infamous "House of Screams", implemented by Burge with the complicity of Devine and Daley.

Current KKKourt Dates, subject to change at the whim of the KKKourts:

For Aaron Patterson & Mark Mannie: (2004)

Aug 31st - 16.1 disclosures (don't know what that means)

Sept 21st - hear motions

Oct 5th - gov't response

Oct 8th - status conference - 10am


For Isaiah Kitchen: (2004)


Aug 31st - 16.1 disclosures

Sept 21st - hear motions

Oct 5th - gov't response

Oct 12th - status conference - 9:30am





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